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Looking to build a led flicker circuit? Answered

Hi, my cousin asked me to help him finish a project. He has made 8 pumpkins for a halloween decoration, And wants to have the lights and mouth light up. So I figured about 5 led's per pumpkin (maybe 3). And I have rgb ones on hand already so I figured I could use those to make orange flickering lights with.

So I need to know how to wire it up and what I need to make it work. And how to power it. 
Any help is appreciated! :D 



3 years ago

Here is another blinking LED running from a single 1.5 AA battery.

While the white and blue LEDs need over 3 volts.

The white blinks in the transition moments between red to blue and to red !

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3 years ago

Here is a blinking video and updated circuit schematic.

I didn't have the F29 toroid core and alas the 60 turn coil voltage did not approach the needed 14 volts..... What to do ?

Well simply use a self blinking LED !

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3 years ago

Try this Joule Blink Thief


Wouldnt know the first thing about what you posted my knowledge on circuitry is limited.

Start of build


..What.. :/

In the next fwe days I will try to build this joule blinking thief so you can see how illuminate your pumpkins.

The first step is winding the 60:40 turn transformer and make it educational for people who like you have never seen how to use a wire shuttle to place 60 turns of wire on to a small toroid ferro ceramic core.

See the Torrid pictures below.


Most of the flicker effect electric T lights use a built in microprocessor that is playing music to the LED!

A Picaxe 08M will cost you about $2.95 fro sparkfun (assuming you in the USA0 and will drive up to 4 LEDs. The music part is built into the micro and it is easy peasy to programme.


You will need a programming cable - USB to 3mm jack - but this is a once only buy and you can reprogramme the picaxe many times to do what every you like after halloween (robots perhaps)

Simple oscillators just give a constant flash and this doesn't look realistic.

If the thought of programming scares you you can try any of these


It doesnt have to be super realistic... Any other options?

Sigh! Several orange and red and yellow flashing LEDS. Mix up the colours. They will all flash at slightly different rates and over time the will go out of sync.

Best and simplest offer i can offer. Using LEDs