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Looking to commission "sparking" motorcycle helmet Answered

Greetings. I am the founder of a digital music start-up and am looking to commission several "sparking" helmets to represent our logo "Captain TuneUp" which can be viewed below If interested, please contact me directly at gabrieladiv at tuneupmedia dot com Thanks, Gabe


Maybe just a normal sparkler on the top of helmet

A regular "burn holes in your clothes" helmet, eh? LOL

lol the saprkler sparks woul cool before hitting clothing

Hmmm, maybe......ok, but since it is very close to some exposed hair, maybe this setup would give people a whole new reason to call someone a "red head" (if their hair caught fire).

lol, would have to be a full face helmet then

thanks all. new to this and will post in marketplace as well. clearly don't want anything with voltage high enough to hurt anyone. that said, i do want sparks. are hurting people and sparks mutually exclusive? is there anything off the shelf that contains the sparks in glass like those sharper image-esque orbs? thanks, gabe

It's the regulars' abbreviation for Instructable.

the only thing i can think of that does that is a tesla coil. if you can wait, my ible will be on a simple, portable version thats 100% non-lethal.

granted the little zaps would be a tad annoying after the initial amusement...

Have two antennae - build a jacob's ladder on the helmet.

But stand in front of a mirror when you switch it on - it might be the last thing you see...

As in you want images or big zappy helmets...

okay then. for the best results, we need a low amperage sparking action.but thats counter intuitive. how about a negative ion generator attached to the antenna? safer, but no visible sparks.

Hmm, I was thinking a kind of human tesla, really a cheat where they're actually standing inside what equates to a plasma ball...

no good. they need either to be inside a farady cage, or have boots that resist 2X the max voltages

If they already have to be in a ground cage a faraday cage is a possibility.... Maybe the plan could be to make a suit thing around the user that basically acts to isolate them from the voltage differences, so they could just be a big walking tesla coil...

1) this should be in the marketplace 2) by sparking, do you mean you want high voltage sparks coming off it?