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Looking to make a metal frame/wood topped coffee table, does anyone know where I can find metal framing materials? Answered

I'm a bit of a newbie, looking to make a table kind of like this: 
http://ab.weimgs.com/weimgs/ab/images/wcm/products/201525/0565/img95o.jpg.  (image attached also)

The wood top isn't a problem, but I'm having a world of trouble locating materials for the frame part, particularly in customizable specs so I can keep the table narrow.

If any seasoned builders know a good source, or have any other useful tips about my hopeful project, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Thanks :)




Exactly what I was looking for!

Unfortunately my roommate got impatient and went ahead and ordered the table in the picture instead of waiting for me to build it -__- but thank you, good to have this resource in my books :)


I can buy it at just about any Local Hardware Store!