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Looking to put together a game design Team Answered

Right now I'm in the beginning stage of putting together a space game something kinda like EVE or the kerbal space program. But I was looking to get some people together and to start creating a MMO game using herocloud or unity. Let me know if your interested.



5 years ago

would blender be ok because i have a lot of experience with it

I have been on a couple of these teams in the past and neither actually got anywhere.. I am willing to help but you are going to have to do more than say you want to make a EVE clone.
Where are you at right now in terms of development?
Do you have any idea for mechanics, story arc, theme, feel, art, etc?
What is your personal background, are you a coder or modeller?
Have you had any game making experience before like working on a mod or something?
Who do you already have on your team?