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*UPDATE: AAARRRGGGG ! Looks Like my BOOT got a hole in it....... Answered

Soooo, I guess I am buying a new HD.  
So far all attempts to boot the machine to Windows has left me with ChkDsk looping on an error it can not fix. 

If I could just get Ubuntu to boot to ROOT so I can transfer all my admin files, I wouldn't care so much abouit losing the HD.   So far, I've spent a full 12 hours working on it......I even did a full "restore" from the repair disk.....nothing changed, but nothing failed during the restore....so something is not quite right.

This also means I will be on line in a MUCH more limited fashion than before.

Replaced the HD.....had a LOT of problems until  I realized the machine still saw the old drive and kept trying to run CHKDSK on it.   

New HD 320gb installed an up.....tomorrow, we deal with installing the firewall, and maybe, if I have some time,  a few other things  (like a word processor, etc).    What a day its been though ! 

I STILL can't get ON LINE at home....not from windows anyways.....still no firewall.....sigh...this is gettin ridiculous...


Can you not just stick the HDD in another 'puter and copy what you want over ? That's what I did last time I had a similar problem.

I don't have the suggested "repair" option, someone else suggested, so I have little else I can do, at this point.

Oh wait, what I will do is stick another HD into THIS machine as C:, load in windows, and hook up the one with the boot bad boot sector to drive G, and I will be able to access the stuff from there...I hope.

All the king's horses, and all the kings men....
Are those 486 boards?

I can access, like 80% of the old HD so I should be able to get most if not all of Ellen's pictures off of it......she will do well, to back them up every now and then from now on. :-) She may not be SO lucky next time.

Wait, can you boot Ubuntu at all? If so, just sudo!

I can boot from CD... I only have Ubuntu, no admin apparantly....I can't copy over anything hardly

Great. Boot from the CD, then open a terminal and type the command "sudo su" without the quotes, then type "nautilus" (if that doesn't work, try just "sudo nautilus"). This will open a new instance of the file explorer - as root. 

I can't mount the drive even now. It tells me it is "in use" by windows, and I have to either reboot Windows cleanly (I can't even BOOT it ) or dismount it from windows (but I can't even boot windows)......I am hoping putting in a new drive tomorrow will give me access....

Not exact (I can only get online from work, and I am in the process at home of installing a new HD). When I boot Ubuntu, Gnome gets loaded and it signs on as Ubuntu. When I attempt to mount the C drive as I have in the past, it tells me it is IN USE. The error description also includes instructions for fixing it, both of which require Windows to be rebooted; which is not happening on that drive.

Repartition the drive, if it's big create a few partitions.


It is on the boot sector, for windows, so I can't get past Chkdsk in booting (even if I circumvent it, it fails to do anything); I can't even bring up SafeMode

Yea, scrub it completely & reinstall.


My wife wants the pictures off of it, so I will make it secondary, and install a new drive, hopefully I can boot the new one from the Repair disk