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Looping Waterslide Answered

A looping waterslide, The Scorpion’s Tail,  will be opening up in Wisconsin at Noah’s Ark Water Park this summer. You slide down, around the loop, and out through the bottom 9 to 14 seconds later. Just look at how happy the guy looks in the rendering!

This isn't the first looping waterslide in America. Action Park in New Jersey had one, but it was pretty poorly thought out and often gave riders bloody noses.

The Scorpion’s Tail is much more high-tech and planned out. Instead of a loop that goes straight up and possible plonks people down on their heads, it's banked at a 60 degree angle. In case people don't make it all the way up there's an emergency hatch in the bottom they can use to get out.

How it Works: A Computerized, Looping Waterslide


"A looping waterslide, The Scorpion’s Tail,  will be opening up in Wisconsin at Noah’s Ark Water Park this summer."

Will the customers be riding two by two?

Yeah, but they'll need an escape hatch for the dove.

My lack of Flash disturbs me... just as much as it upsets me.

I have the same issue, and refuse to bow to the Man.  If you wait for the stupid error message, then click on the screen, it'll take you to YouTube which doesn't have the same problem.

Only if you get past the lines of Biblical proportions.

From their own website:
Yeah, this might sting a little.
You can say that again...

Did you read the Wikipedia article on Action Park?
"this might kill you a bit"


It might even kill you a lot.

I got better...


8 years ago

Anyone read the popular science article? It's near impossible to get stuck in it. I think the odds were 1 in 100 people.


Yeah, 1 in 100 might slip back down.

 I've had nightmares about getting stuck in the bottom of a looping waterslide, I guess  I can go to Wisconsin and make it a reality... Yay? 

Me too! Strange, eh?

Lame joke is lame.
But really, I've actually had stranger, way more specific dreams. The waterslide dream was pretty tame compared to them.   

 Interesting. I don't believe i really needed or wanted to know that, but it is compelling all the same.

Or maybe you can get over the fear? I hate heights and made it a point to jump off bridges and cliffs into water. Highest jump was 50 feet.

Still not too fond of heights. They're a little less dizzying for me now, though.

 I guess this would classify as one of those "what if" fears you never think you would ever have to overcome, because you never thought it was possible. 

Looping waterslides, something I thought was only the stuff of nightmares. Who'da thunk? The 60 degree bank is a smart idea. At least there's a hatch at the bottom, then it won't be so bad when you only make it half way up, smack your face, and slide to the bottom... 
I think I'll stick to looping roller coasters. Those are at least slightly safer. :P

Fifty feet! That sure beats my ten-ish. 

Yeah. A 50-foot jump gives you a bit of time to think about your decision, that's for sure.

Just imagine what would happen if the pumping system has a partial failure and the bottom of the loop fills up with water.   You'd come flying down the lead tube, skip off the water and get slammed into the top of the tube!  Yikes! :(

In Plettenberg, Germany you can also find a looping waterslide. It was opened in September 2009, is about 80 meters long and you get a speed of about 60 km/h. (for our american friends: 260 ft long and 37 mph fast :)

Here's the homepage: www.aquamagis.de

Getting water to flow the whole length will be challenging...very interesting though!


8 years ago

No way you're getting me on that thing.  I'll listen to others' screams from the ground, thanks very much!

OMGZ!!!!! I WANT!!!!!  Still not enough to go to Wisconsin, but I still want.

Hmm.... (looks mysteryiously, like he has an idea, at the sky)