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Logic Bow Answered


UPDATE: The concept behind The Logic Bow (put simply so everyone can understand)
By using a ratchet system to hold the bands behind the pin you can:
@ Decrease pin friction in barrel
@ Increase pullback distance
@ Increase power
@ Make the pin easier to pullback
@ Have a simple rail system

I have now uploaded a clip of the firing system in action for those of you who don't understand how it works

This is a pin type gun, not a slingshot. It uses a ratchet system to hold the rubber bands, therefore increasing the amount of bands that can be used and increasing ease of pullback. These bands are released when the trigger is pulled, propelling the pin into the bullet. This means that the effective pullback distance is increased, therefore increasing the range and power.

well here is the first "new thing" I have done in ages, (the last Truly innovative thing I built was the D-Frag grenade) the Logic Bow. It uses an all new 4-stage firing system that runs between two rails (I tried using a dual rail system but that didn't work out). So far I have the mech working, but it needs the rest of the body, the bow, a handle and probably a stock. It is a single shot that should have more power than a pin gun, the really cool thing about it is that although it uses a pin mech the pin takes almost no effort to slide back.

I will keep you updated as the project progresses, Feel free to ask any questions.

Update: I finished the entire gun and uploaded a couple of pics (see below)

This will soon be posted.


How Very Logical.

This isn't really different from the concept on LT. Licorice.  And I liked it better because it had a mag.

wrong. lt lic has two rails, this has one, it uses a slide, this uses a pin, lt lic's trigger blocks the pin, this uses a ratchet system. this gun it designed to increase the power of a ram gun. Anyway I prefer single shot as they are completely reliable.

So you basically admit this is a LT. Licorice downgrade.  2 rails>1.  That gun also uses a pin, but it's slid down the barrel, like yours.  LT Licorice's trigger is a sear system, it does not block the pin at all, rather holds it back like yours.  Lt. Licorice is extremely reliable as well.

No. 1 rail means half the friction, this is not like Lt licorice. It is an entirely new ratchet pin system. Also this uses a true pin that stays attatched to the barrel. there is also no system to hold back the loser bow's pin.

So this is no different from a regular ram gun, namely my SR commando, concept-wise.  You basically just made a sear system which has an already-done concept.

no. a sear trigger holds the ram, a ratchet system holds the bands. this is not like your sr commando.

The SR Commando was a new kind of sear trigger, a ratchet sear.  The SR commando held the pin back by holding the rubberbands back.  Take a good look at its mech sometime.  

yes but the bands are connected to the firing pin, this system holds the bands back, they are released and then hit the pin to start accelerating it into the ammo.

what guns do you currently have? a TR? try sticking 5 #64 bands on it. How easy is the pin to pull back? On the Logic Bow you can pull each band back one at a time before you pull back the pin. Also seeing as the ratchet is behind the pin the bands gain speed before the pin even starts moving.
This means you get increased power from the same amount of bands.


I had a TR. Had 5 bands on it.
Easy to pull back.
I had a flipmag. Had 7 bands on it.
Easier to pull back than the TR.

did you use 64's or POS bands and were you using a full pullback or a shorter one?

No, he's telling the truth. I currently have 6 new, quality bands on my MeZak, and it gets like 80 ft. flat.

My little pony with MeZak > Penguin with GOP25, or GOP18, or GOP8.

Well your avatar has a gun, I figured it was only fair to give his one.

Are you asking me to answer the question you asked Razzlekunai?
In that case,
1. Already answered that. Quality bands.
2. It's a very long draw. Just go make a MeZak, it doesn't use many pieces or anything...

64s, little boi.
There's only one set pullback on both guns I mentioned, idunno what you mean by shorter pullback

You can use a repeater as a single shot too...

a repeater typically does not have the same pin distance as a single shot, (sorry bad explanation) in a single shot the pin only just hits bullet, traveling maybe 2mm past the point of impact, a repeater needs more of a push to get the bullet out of the mag, or to release the bullet from the turret, the exception to this are bolt actions like the FSSR or AR4. also single shots are a lot more reliable.

ZKAR also does what you said, it hits the ammo right where the pin stops.

they were the first two I thought of, and it is harder to muzzle load the ZKAR, come to think of it the FSSR-C is the only bolt action gun that can be effectively muzzle loaded....

I think I'm gathering even more ideas to making a better assault weapon.

I just got a thought for a combination gun.

Slignshot + Side-loading, removable-mag, ram gun.