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Losing user information? "You haven't joined any groups." Answered

So I went to my profile to get the link to a group, and discovered that all of my group memberships have been lost :-(  It says,

Manage Your Groups

You haven't joined any groups. Explore groups to find one you like!

I hope this can be fixed, both for me and for anyone else who has lost data from their profile.



8 years ago

Well, all my groups are alive and well...

And if you go to Kelsey's page, it shows that he is still in 23 groups.

Oh I see now... it's only on the "You" Page. My "You" page shows I'm not in any groups, but my member page does. Weird.

My two-year-old is currently really into Cars, and one line from Bessie comes to mind: "If you keep talking to yourself, people are going to think you're crazy!"

My profile doesn't show any groups I'm in either.


8 years ago

Yeah, it's a display bug on the You page. No data has actually been lost, don't worry!

This is a bug, and is currently working on being fixed. The groups still have their members, and it'll show back up as soon as we figure out what's going on.

Thanks, Matt! It's good to know the data hasn't been lost :-)

yes, i've encountered this bug as well. nickodemus too.