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Loss of temperature sensation in fingers? Answered

I've never had this problem until now...here's the story.

Well, I was outside the other day, and it was freaking cold out. Probably about 9 degree's F. I was wringing cold water out of a towel (long story) and the cold really hurt my fingers. First my fingers felt cold, then nothing...just this buzzing sensation. Realizing that wringing water out of a towel with bare hands at 9F is probably a stupid idea, I rushed indoors and defrosted my hands with warm water. But all I felt was buzzing, not warm water.

So today I was melting wax in a soup can in boiling water, and I touched the tin to see how hot it was. It didn't feel hot, so I just grabbed the boiling hot tin of wax and poured it into my mold. The wax dribbled onto my fingers. I didn't even notice it!

Later that day it occurred to me that maybe i was having trouble feeling how hot things are, so I experimented. I ran hot water over my fingers, but it didn't feel hot at all. It just feels like my fingers are buzzing or something.  Stranger still, if I IMAGINED that the hot water is cold, it suddenly feels cold! If I imagine it's hot, I get that buzzing sensation.

It's probably just a temporary condition, so I was wondering if it's ever happened to any of you folks?


From your description it sounds as if you may have suffered frostbite. Maybe not a sever case of it but the symptoms just the same. When you went inside and ran the warm water over your hands you may have damage the frozen nerves in your fingers.

You should see a doctor as craftyv suggested as it could also be other underlying factors.

Please take this seriously. Diabeties has this symptom and peripheral nerve damage (probably others). I'm not being alarmist but you should get it checked out. At the very least, to stop yourself from other damage whils't your sensitivity is compromised. best wishes

I definitely do not have diabetes, I don't eat carbohydrates/sugar :)

Hi nepheron. I hope you don't mind but I still think you need to take it seriously. Ok. no diabetes, but get it checked out. It's your health here. My best wishes.


All sudden loses of, or changes in, nerve function should be reviewed by professionals as a matter of course.

(Disclaimer: free medical advice on the internet is often worth less than you pay for it.)

I have had a temporary experience like yours in my finger tips after burning them on hot glass. It was only in the burnt spots on the "pads" of my fingers, not the whole finger, and I don't know if it was damaged nerves or just damaged skin. As I healed the sensation came back. You should see a Doctor, as nerve damage can lead to finger loss (worst case scenario).

I also have this problem temporarily. I sacrifice my fingertips when soldering and welding but after time it comes back. I think it is just damaged skin because I do have a spot where I do have nerve damage, and it is dangerous. There is no return from nerve damage.