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Lost item finder? Answered

Is there some instructable for this?
Basically, just a penny sized sticker that can be placed on any item. If lost, then a device could easily scan for them (5 feet radius range, maybe)
I've searched for systems like this, but they're all expensive. 

It should be pretty simple, maybe passive RFID tags, and some kind of device that detects if it is closer or farther. I've checked on reader, but any cheap ones are in the $160 range and 3 inch distance. Long distance ones are like 500 and above. Except readers aren't really necessary. There isn't really any information that needs to be read. Just a way to tell if the signal is closer. Something like that could probably made in the $20 range but i wouldn't know

I'm asking cause I lost the memory card for my camera (case and all). It was sitting on a desk, then it wasn't. It had some vacation photos that i hadn't transfered to PC yet. It was a grueling search, and I couldn't find it. 

At some point in our lives, everyone needs something like that. Losing something important sucks, expensive or not.



8 years ago

This would simplify the whole process. You could spend 10 minutes with the torch or just a minute to comb the entire house with such a device. That would really cut down the frustration. Keyfinders aren't reliable cause they need a battery, and they are kinda big. Sticker-sized would be much easier to apply anywhere. It could upload the data into a computer, if you lose the reader, just download the data into a new reader. If you lose the computer, get a new lock, find a new neighborhood, and you should have backup-ed the data anyway. If the backup server crashes, then get a new one. If all them crash, pray the world doesn't end.


8 years ago

This isn't a facetious comment, but I use a torch. When I lose something, I can look and look and not see it, so I use a bright LED torch to point around the room and look at the beam and it forces me to focus on where the torch is pointing. I don't know why it works, but for me it does. They also say when you find something, it's in the last place you look. I've tried missing out the middle bits and gone right to the last place I'd look, but that never seems to work. I think the last place you look is like Schrödinger's cat, it's only the last place so long as you don't look there. I did try adding a key finder to my TV remote, those you find in Poundshops (or equivalent) where you whistle and they bleep. I took the circuit out and built it in to my remote, but it never seemed to work well, usually because the remote had burrowed beneath a seat cushion. As for the reader idea, how do you find the reader when it's lost? Do you use a reader reader? That could be the start of an infinite regressive loop, until finally the whole world is filled with reader reader.... readers.