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Lost photos in Adobe Photoshop Elements 6? Answered

Even though these pictures appear in the photo catalog they have question marks in the corner and none of these pictures can be accessed, printed or copied etc., so technically have been lost. They cover a number of events, friends, family, years and trips taken. It is devastating. I think someone that  has a good deal of Photoshop knowledge might know what I have done besides not learning how to properly use Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


That's just software.
Do you actually know where the image-files are stored, and have you tried just a double-click on them?


Thank you - I tried the double and it took me to the place I need to go to look for - locate the files.

Something just sort of clicked!!

. Along the same line as lemonie's suggestion, make sure your program is looking for your files in the right directory/folder.