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Lots of Computers , any idea ? Answered

hi I have 2 PCs with low specifications, and have a laptop which has a damaged motherboard . I want to do something cool with them , any ideas ? These 3 are not used . i have others as well but they r used too much . Any ideas ?


Fix 'em, and sell 'em

The magnets in the hard drives are always very fun as they are very strong

Do this, buy a nice computer for your general use. You will want something that will last a long time, and has power like an Alienware or a high end Dell, not a cheap Insipron but something nice like an XPS Then throw away the laptop because laptops suck in general, they are cramped, hot and they arent very powerful. Then use one computer to make a server, use the server to store profiles. Then reformat the other PCs and set them to do a network boot default. Install Windows Server 2003 on the server machine, and install Windows XP professional on the other PCs. XP professional is the best right now because it runs well on most machines. Then put a 1000 mbps network card in the server, you can use LAN or WIFI. If done correctly this system will work flawlessly for many years. The best pat is you can reformat the terminal PCs as many times as you want to keep a clean registry becaue the profile is stored on the server. Just make sure that you have a backup drive! Good luck! :)

If you like electronics and building your own things, it doesn't take a high end computer to monitor a home alarm system (especially one built from scratch). I have used a Tandy Color computer, and a Commodore 64 for this purpose.


9 years ago

You could make one controll a cnc machine, pull them apart for the hard drive disks and make a tesla turbine, put them all together to make a small super computer and try to take over the world