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Love Pesto, kids are allergic to many nuts. Any recipes with alternatives? Can use peanuts? Answered

 I want my kids to be able to enjoy fresh pesto, but they are allergic to pine nuts, along with almonds... are these tree nuts?  When my son eats almonds, his face begins to redden and swell starting around his lips.  Not something I'll risk again  Anyway, I'm not nuts, but I want them to love fresh pesto like I do!  Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I was just wondering how "Water Chestnuts" would be. Not an actual "nut", but they are more of a root type product. They have a crispy, crunchy, texture. ... I think I'd eat it. Water Chestnuts, olives, garlic, green onion, basil, and (as Obsessed said up ^ there...) using a little bit of lemon... Of course, at this point, it sounds more like I'm about to make Tabouli. Tabouli is good too!

What about dried green peas? That might could get into the Soy, that's been mentioned already. Dried peas would give a texture and retain some good green-ness. The wasabi coated dried peas would give it some awesome bite!

If you want the kids to be "well-rounded", you might try them on some Hummus. Schmeared on some bread or crackers... pretty tasty!

I left the nuts out of pesto years ago. I substitute some of the oil with lemon also and it stays green longer. Here's a super simple recipe from my blog.


8 years ago

If he is allergic to some nuts,- peanuts are the worst to try.

I have to agree with FOH. Sunflower seeds, toasted or not, make an excellent substitute for pinenuts-they have a similar flavour.

Try him on a little of the new mix, and see how he tolerates it.


 Dear Fireguard,

I use lightly toasted sunflower seeds in my pesto; the toasting gives them a nutty flavour and I find them very nice indeed.



Some folks who are allergic to true nuts are also allergic to peanuts. Unless you already know he's safe with them...

I'd try soybeans. The folks I know who react to both true nuts and many legumes do not have trouble with soybeans. And since their flavor isn't as strong as peanuts, I expect they'd produce better pesto.

Or... GIYF. Search the web for "nut-free pesto".