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Love Sucks Party Answered

My friend Bug is responsible for a fine Valentine's Day tradition: the Love Sucks party.

This party is held whenever he's single (according to the rules below), and is open to any single friends and their single friends. It's usually held at a distinctly non-romantic type of restaurant with ample seating and strong drinks. I know of at least one marriage that's come of Love Sucks parties, but that's really not the point, is it?

The rules:
1) Single is defined as a) really single, b) your SO is at least 3,000 miles away, or c) you don't have a date for Valentine's Day and your romantic entanglements require a white board for proper mapping, otherwise known as the Circus Trainer Clause. (As in, "my girlfriend is out for dinner with her husband and her girlfriend, the circus trainer..." or something equally convoluted enough to require a whiteboard for mapping.) Either way, participants are likely to be a bit grouchy about the holiday.
2) Single friends can bring another of their single friend as a "non-date", ie someone they would never date.

There may be more rules, but as I've never been (un)lucky enough to attend one of Bug's Love Sucks parties I'm a bit fuzzy on the other details. (Bug, can you help out here?) It should be noted that he's NOT planning one this year, as he doesn't qualify to attend. ;-)

This shouldn't stop you from picking up this worthy tradition. Just make sure to bring a whiteboard.

UPDATE: here's Bug's official description and invite template for all to use.



11 years ago

It is also the state of Arizona's birthday! WooHoo, happy bday AZ! Just had the idea tonight... arizona birthday party, being in arizona 'n all...

To quote Butthead: "I don't like stuff that sucks."

love does not suck, lack of love sucks! "Ain't nothin like the real thing, baby"!:)

How about a "love is madness party"? Being in love shares many of the same attributes as being insane (you see things not there, you make up strange truths, etc.). When you are sane, you can't be in love anymore, though you may be "in like" or "have great respect and affection for..." which ain't so bad, really, and you have time to take a breath. ;-)


11 years ago

Great idea, no need to bring it to a halt just because Bug is indisposed. Is anyone in the (San Francisco) East Bay area interested in having our own regional Luv Sux Dinner? Send me a message here if you are. Tell your friends and neighbors!

geek >-< get a life

good movement for men,tanks

I like that idea very much! I think we might just make Love Sucks an international movement and hold an event in Cape Town! Cheers, AnnaNomsa www.belovedcountry.com

thanks for that canida :-) AnnaNomsa


11 years ago

And it is indeed a worthy tradition. Alas, I'm afraid Canida is right -- I think I've hosted my last Love Sux Dinner, but here's a quick history and template invitation should anyone care to take up the mantle...

I knew this sounded familiar. Read about something similar in ReadyMade a while's back.


Although I didn't quite call it this, I met my wife on Valentines Day many moons ago when a group of singles all met up and had a pints down the pub. It is a good idea as we were under no pressure, relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. So go for it, you may meet your future partner.