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Low pieces-high range knex sniper rifle? Answered

Is there any low piece-high range knex sniper rifles on this site that have a mag or have a slingshot mech.


DJ Radio

Best Answer 8 years ago

the BRv1 gets a high range, but not a lot of people call it a sniper. It could be one though. Also the OSSR has a 90 foot range with a super short slingshot barrel. (short in comparison to SRv2's barrel)

I knex this question was posted like 6 months ago, but now DJ Radio has make the OSSR-2! Make it if you have the pieces, it uses more than the ossr.

I sort of quit instructables for about 5 months but im starting to come back to it.

I will wait another week and then might select yours as the best answer.

Maybe DGM on KI's Blazer Sniper rifle. It should be able to get 80+ feet. Also Gorkem's sniper rifle is good because it can shoot through 4 cds.

Hmmm so it is quite close to the Osser then, by any chance do you also know which has the least pieces.

So if any i will prob go for the osser because it has about the same range but uses less pieces.

It gets more range if you make the barrel longer. However, making the barrel longer means more parts.

Yh i know i think i might build the ossr this weekend.

Good luck! It's also the first slingshot with a safety.