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Lpd6803 and the Adrino Mega Answered

Does anyone know ,Where i can  find some really good code for my adrino mega for the Lpd6803.rgb led chip?  i just got the adrino mega, and have never had one before, so i don't know how to use it yet, just starting  to learn, i have a curtain that hangs behind our band, it has 16 colums and 11 rows of leds 176 in all. They are all wired in series, and each one has a lpd6803 on it. and i would love to be able to write the name of our band on the curtain, the led strips start at the bottom right side of the curtain go up then over then back down again, and it repeats this for all 16 colums, but all still wired in series. any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks and God bless you my friends.


Adafruit have an arduino library for the LPD6803. It's on GitHub.

i can't seem to find what you are telling me about. i went to github.com but i don't see how to get anything about adafruit, i also went to adafruit and i didn't see anything either, any suggestions?


thanks so much i got it that time, i really appreciate your time, God bless you my friend.