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Lucid Dreaming Project Answered

Hey Instructables,

We are a group of college students working an open source project that we believe is pretty cool. As we are not as experienced as many of the people here on this board we thought we would make a small post that could help us recruit a few people who are interested to chip in knowledge!

Currently we are working on an open source accurate lucid dreaming project. What we are doing is trying to take the information from a Zeo Mobile Monitor and use it to accurately tell when a person goes into REM sleep and then initiate a sequence of LEDs that  should create visual anomalies in dreams. Now, yes there are projects that work with leds and sounds to try and induce lucid dreaming, but none of them can accurately tell when a user is in REM sleep, which is the stage that people usually dream in. We believe that the Zeo is the most accurate (available) method to tell if a person is in REM. So we created a project to make this a reality.

We had an old domain name so we went ahead and started it up. If anyone is interest in the project please visit our site thisistrash.com and click on the Lucid Dreaming to read about our progress. Also comment on here or on the website because trust me, we can use all the help possible. Or Pm me emails me etc

Also this project is not for a class or money. It's just a fun project that we decided to do on the side to help us learn some more engineering.


I have experienced Lucid dreaming at various points in my life, and did some "experimenting" with it a decade or so ago, without any "electro/mechanical"" assistance. The experiment had to be halted for a time, since I had begun to get confused on occasion as to what was real and what was a dream .

I'd rather see you document the project here, as a proper step-by-step instructable.

We actually are going to as soon as we get a basic proof of concept. Which are almost at. We just finished (today actually) successfully using the sleep stage to initiate a flashing LED sequence. So, now we just have to make an LED matrix and a edit the code a bit to work when a user is in REM and not blink every 30 seconds the user is in REM. Once these parts are done we are making an instructable.