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3D Printed Luggage Tag ( Church Window Style ) Answered

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Hi, this is a Luggage Tag Design. ( I would call it "The Old Church Window" ).

When I saw similar luggages with similar tags passing through at LAX air port luggage claim, and could not find my luggages, I decided to design another tag that provides easy and unique identification for my luggages.

This tag design is inspired from the old church window, under which I enjoy the sunlight each sunday morning when attending Missa.

Features of this Luggage Tag:
* Your business card ( Max. 55 x 90 mm ) can be inserted into this tag. In case your luggage is lost, someone who picked it can unfasten and pull out your business card and contact you. Your card is securely locked inside when you fasten the tag onto your luggage's side handle. I would recommend using Hemp Twine
* It's made of nylon-12, the strongest material that stands the toughest transportation.
* I can have your name printed on this tag. Just email your name - as short as possible please - to
* In case your luggage is lost, people who found it can see through the window and be sure it's your business card inside. They will not open anything if they can not be sure what's inside.
* Window is among the objects that are the easiest for humans to recognize. Window is more recognizable among all those regular tags at air port luggage claim.
* Finally, I just wish you enjoy its creativity. Travel with a "window" is a lot of fun.

* Made of nylon-12, strong nylon used to produce gears, in various color options.
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* Made in Netherland / USA.

* Worldwide shipping.
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Designed on 05.Mar.2012
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6 years ago

I used to try to design a string that can be 3D printed together with this tag, but soon I found it will cost far less to use a string from our garage. A snap hook will also work well with it. It is your business card in this tag that identifies.

Please allow me to offer some points on your product design. Take what you will from it.

1. Any luggage tag purchased off the shelf will have something like a little chain, tie-wrap, belt-loop or something so you can attach it to your luggage. You are missing a main component of what a luggage tag is. It is a hard sell to buy a car without the wheels, although some do. Using thin string increases the chance of it snagging on some kind of machinery and getting snapped off. Easier for thieves to rip it off too.

2. You do not include the "window panes" or protective plastic sheets that cover the insert to keep it weatherproof and from damage. Maybe have one side of solid material. You should not be advertising the owner of the luggage anyway, especially if the business card indicates "diamond dealer" or something. Smart travelers will only put a name and contact phone number in the tag to facilitate return and not facilitate identity theft or point to luggage that might contain valuables. Usually the insert card is obscured or has a cover. If needed, the airport can open it up to look for info.

3. Uniquely shaped luggage tags is not a bad idea but if you are trying to market this to a wider audience, neon or brightly colored tags are more helpful in spotting your luggage from behind the crowds at the luggage carousel.

Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestions, I appreciate them and will consider carefully.


6 years ago

sorry for my poor English, if I understand you correctly : any string will work, just make sure you fasten in the way you fasten your shoes, so that it can be unfastened quickly :)