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Lumi doh Answered

i have a question has anyone seen this yet its called Lumi Doh! I was wondering with all u wonderful DIY ppl out there if any of the minds of Instructables could come up with a at home version? My son saw it tonight and he said "MOMMY u can make this right!?"  Instead of saying no i said let me go asks some of my buddys online! This was the first site i thought of cause just to be honest here and no im not brown nosing! The ppl on this site are Geniuses on a whole new level!

this is the site to ithttps://www.lumidoh.com/TVTEST/4.0000/Index.dtm?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=c2&gclid=CO6lqd_QorsCFSRk7AodLUcAtA

Any ideas?






4 years ago

Wow... Lumi Doh gets terrible reviews and a lot of people are claiming the company ripped them off (apparently the packages they ship are TINY, and from what reviewers claim about the dull glow, I would guess they use the crappy, cheaper zinc sulfide glow powder). People are also saying in reviews that it got dried up and unworkable after three months.

If you want something slightly stretchy and moldable but that won't dry out as fast as regular play doh, use Sculpey and a few other things. You can make a much better version of this stuff than Lumi doh offers.

You'll probably want:

Sculpey III in translucent (get the big block at whatever craft store has it for cheapest, so you can mix different translucent colors - and keep in mind that sheer, iridescent glitter can be awesome in translucent clay) http://www.sculpey.com/product/sculpey-iii/

Sculpey clay softener http://www.sculpey.com/product_category/mediums/(just use a couple drops if you want to make the stuff soft like in the Lumi doh commercial, although it's much harder to sculpt something nicely if you make the dough this stretchy/sticky, so you might want to skip it if your child is older and more experienced with sculpting... but it will be easier to mix the glow powder into the clay if you soften it)

oil based paint to tint the clay (just a drop or two... you don't want to overdo it)

strontium aluminate based glow powder to mix into the clay http://www.kosmickreations.net/html/glow_in_the_da...

(I've gotten some from this place. their prices are good and the stuff arrived quickly. shop around for good prices on the actual powder, remember that the different colors glow for different amounts of time, and red is the first to stop). DO NOT waste your money with zinc sulfide glow powder.

also... if you want to really get the stuff glowing quickly, get a black light or UV flashlight... or something that puts out a lot of UV. It'll "charge" the glow powder much faster and better than regular indoor lightbulbs.


4 years ago

Agreed, buy glow-in-the-dark powder and mix it in. Probably would cost a lot less.


4 years ago

You can buy glow-in-the-dark paint, including powdered ("poster" paint). You could make some ordinary salt dough or play-doh and mix it in.


5 years ago

Maybe you could make homemade silly putty and and include a water based glow paint to the putty recipe. Taking into account that the glow paint has water in it already, you would use less water than for normal silly putty.
Here's a link to the silly putty recipe:

I have never tried this. It's just an idea.
So use at your own risk . I do not know whether or not adding glow paint to the recipe will
have undesirable  or harmful  effects.


Reply 5 years ago

good idea but skip the liquid paint and try just the powdered pigment and mash it in.