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Lump on the back of my neck? Cancer? Answered

Hey! SO, about a year ago I noticed this lump on the upper-back of my neck. Now, i realize that it has grown...a LOT. Of course, the first thing that came to mind...cancer? So I decided to do some research. I have many many symptoms of squamous cell carcinomas. I have acid reflux, difficulty swallowing, cotton mouth, and those are huge roles in it. Granted, those could just be from a bad line of throat problems, they are still symptoms. It doesn't help that I also have a lot of cancer in my family....

What should I do? What do you think it is? I just need help.


My dad has the same thing on the back of his neck, at first i thought it was a zit but after about a year its grown to the size of a golf ball...i've told him to go to the doctors, but he refuses to go...i dont know what to do, and i worried about him...what should i do.?

same thing with me my father has a huge one on the back of his neck about the size of a baseball and he refuses to go to the doctor I've even tried getting him to go to the doctor as well

Get him drunk out of his mind and drop his limp form at the nearest ER..

I'm 14 I have the same thing I've had it for months I've supposed to go see a doctors about it but never got to it as I also have to look after my disabled sister and mum what did your gp say...

BTW, if the lump is at the base of your skull, it may just be a prominent occipital bone, which is entirely normal and harmless. If it's elsewhere under the hair line, it may be a sebacious cyst, which is pretty near harmless but can be annoying and becomes a bit ugly when you start going bald and it becomes more visible; correcting those is a minor bit of outpatient elective surgery.

Or it could be any of a thousand other things. This is why you need a doctor, not a bunch of guesses. Heck, even a doctor would refuse to make a guess based on the tiny amount of information you've provided, and would probably refuse to do it even with a photo since there are a bunch of simple observations (such as simply feeling the thing) that really require having the patient present even before you start talking about any more serious tests.

Doctor. That's what they're for.

Assume it is cancer and get to the Doc. Anything less will be good news. Good luck.

lumps are not usual for melanoma, as it is a mutation of the skin itself, not the growth.

luckily for you, unless other lumps are sprouting elsewhere, you have a cancer which is just a mutation of the skins reproduction rate, which essentially behaves like a wart, but unfortunately wont stop growing until it becomes so big it gets a mind of its own and detaches, grows insanely huge and attacks Tokyo.
the upside its easily removed , wont spread quickly, and in almost all cases unless left untreated to the point that it is the size of an orange, wont kill you.

cancer happened all the time, we may not notice it. its true 1 in 3 gets cancer, but 1 in 100 cancers have no negative effects on people, and wont affect your health.


7 years ago

Ya know, he just might be sprouting a second head. In which case he will become twice as smart, or have a built in second opinion.

It's your mind trying to escape via your spinal-column.



LMAO! The visuals that popped in my mind when I read this about knocked me out of my chair!

Doctor - you can't trust such a possibility to anonymous - remote - unskilled advice.

I knoww, I just remember that Instructables had a lot of good, reliable sources for information and help, so I figured I'd see who's out there, and I guess you're right.

Medical advice is something we really can't answer well or reliably. The help you need here is encouragement to go to someone who can help you.

Spider laid eggs under skin - About to hatch . . .

Seriously - VISIT DOCTOR ! ! !

Most likely harmless - I've got a thing which appeared on my back a while ago which was a lump of gristle - But you do need to get it checked out.

I would suggest a visit to a doctor.

I will inform my father. Thanks for the recommendation!


We aren't doctors. Even if we were, we can't examine you adequately and would have no business making a diagnosis.

What you should do is talk to your own doctor. If you don't have a personal physician, many hospitals have non-emergency walk-in clinics.

If you think this is serious, don't waste time with the web. Make an appointment.

You should really go to a doctor not the internet.


Sorry, sometimes you just have to shout.

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