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Luxury IceCream ? Answered

So what is your favourite "Luxory IceCream" ?

By "Luxury" I mean: Expensive the ones that normally cost about 4 sterling pounds, or 8 dollers.

The price actually does suit the Icecream, becuase they normally taste better than the cheaper ones.

There are many to choose from but these are the more common ones:

  • Ben and Jerry's
  • Haagen Daz
  • Hill Station
  • Caramella
  • e.t.c

There are so many, but mine is Ben and Jerry's - Cookie Dough Mix . (Just tried it yesterday and it was lovely ).

What's Yours?


Ben and Jerry's And Haagen Dasz (or however it's spelled) cost about $4 here. I do love Ben and Jerry's though. There is a chain around here called "Cold Stone" that is pretty good, but a bit expensive for me. That sticky toffee pudding in that picture sounds like it would be pretty good. I have never seen it... I guess the limited time is over? Or has it just begun?

Homemade, of course.

luxury ha I buy all my ice cream in in "4 Canadian gallon" tubs from my local dairy IT"S FREEGIN AWESOME!!!!

The closest I come is to Denali's Moose Tracks ice cream. It is expensive, but there is also a "generic" version. But I prefer the original:

Moose Tracks
the Mocha version

. I had something called Moose Tracks (once and a long time ago). Don't remember the brand (the Denali logo looks vaguely familiar), but it was very good ice cream.

. Yarnell's Woo Pig Chewie (brownies and fudge). I think they only make it during football (American style) season.


BTW, I ment to put:

the ones that normally cost about 4 sterling pounds, or 8 dollers or more

You can edit your OP...

(and it's dollars)

Sorry. Do you Have a Luxury IceCream?

Sorry - it's too cold for my fillings. I like champagne rhubarb yoghurt, though. Will that do you?


10 years ago

Stuff at Lidl? Ice Cream is Ice Cream. and Mackies is nothing wow. =)