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M4 with realistic charging handle Answered

I was trying to build an M4 with a charging handle, but it failed, so I broke it. Anyways, What would be the best way to put a realistic charging handle on a working M4A1 carbine replica?


Don't bother. 

Why? A FAKE charging handle, like on TD's UMP 45. I could do it, I'm just terrible at making replica's.

oh.  Don't bother with it either way.

I just made a second attempt. The gun is more powerful when it has more mag friction, and by eyeballing the power, I'd say it gets 30-40' with an EMPTY mag. It has a fake charging handle and irons. Just like from MW2! Removeable mags, and im workin on the stock right now. Oh, and it has 1 rail on the bottom of the barrel, 1 on each side, and one on the top of the gun. Tactical fails FTW!!!

If you dare say from MW2 or any video game for that matter one more time, I'll come to your house at night and gut you and use your skin as a doormat. Seriously though, these guns exist for real. Do not compare them to a video game. The video game didn't not create them. They took them from real life.

Ehhh you're missing a few crucial details the real M4 has, like the entire TOP CARRYING HANDLE THING.

Actually, it's removable on the real M4. I do think though that if you're going to make an M4 that you should keep it. Otherwise it looks more like an HK416.

And I'd replace the fake barrel with this other design. 

I don't see why it's so difficult. I managed to do it in my poor M4 a long time ago.
If the barrel is at the very top of the gun, you should easily be able to put a charging handle around the pin.