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MAC 10 Mechanism Concept Answered

Hey guys. Well, currently, didexo and I are working on a MAC 10. Some of you may have seen his 'ible on the mech he was/is planing on using, so I took that and make something more efficient than his was. I need help on four aspects.
1) Sights. I would really like to see more efficient sights. Ones that look more correct, in other words.
2) A good trigger guard. I truly could not figure out what to do on this score.
3) A good way to make the handle curve.
4) A good way to make the barrel. I cannot figure this out...kinda weird actually.

This prototype shoot at least 40 ft., and I am convinced that it could look and preform better with some help from you guys. So, lets here some suggestions...

-The Red Book of Westmarch



3 years ago

this could function as a last resort weapon


5 years ago

Pretty damn awesome


5 years ago

Alright, first I like my version better because it doesn't have any broken pieces and my trigger looks better.

O.- Are you sure? Mine may have broken pieces, but that, to me, is not a deterrent. As to your version, your stuff sticks out the top, and this affects the accuracy of the looks. =D Mine, IMO, is better because the mech is lower and mine still looks like a MAC 10. (friendly rivalry). =D

Huh, interesting....the reason I did my type of trigger and how it glides instead of pulling is because I find it better. Also, for the performance it gives, I don't think a little stick at the top is a big deal. Range wise mine also gets 40 feet maybe a little more (haven't tested fully yet). Ah ha yes a friendly rivalry indeed 8-)

Well, that is true, but if both of ours are turning out to shoot 40 ft. which one do you want to use? It would be easy enough to use my mech, and add the rest of the looks onto the gun...I have not see the internals of your most recent "try" so I would not necessarily know whose would work best. What do you think...?

I think you should try and build my newest try, it is updated o the forum. Then, you can see if you like mine better. Who know, maybe you might. Then after that which ever we chose we can add the detail for the looks.