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Dude... dude are you freeking kidding me

heres the link, I can't embed it


It says before the show starts in that warning thing that he get OCCASIONAL help from the crew as required by blah blah blah... NO ONE IS SAYING THAT HE IS DOING EVERYTHING BY HIMSELF. Read between the lines before you accuse him of anything.


10 years ago

The only thing that annoys me about survivorman, is that his tasks are insanely simple. I saw him get dropped off with a backpack full of supplies. Flown in by small plane to an airstrip, then they paid natives to ferry him up the river, and all he had to do was survive the night and row back down river to the camp he started at. Soccer moms do that crap on vacation. It's called camping. If he needed a crew to help him with that, I'd cry.

The thing is he isn't trying to be an entertainer, hes trying to teach his audience something, in that regard hes a success. On the other hand he did stay in a motel, but its not like he is unable to survive for gods sakes he climbed mt. everest. I'm sure he just uses his crew to make his show more exciting. how many times have you seen Les go down river or shimmy down a 100 ft. tree? In short, suvivor man might be more real, but man vs. wild is way more exciting.

i beleive this is totally fake. LIVE ON BEAR GRYLLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No he is fake, they have admitted to staying in hotels overnight. link

I get those 2 shows mixed up a lot. I saw one episode of one saying that he's completely alone and he has to camcorder himself, and then later when I turn on the TV and a similar shows on the camera's zooming in on him and I'm like how can he zoon if he's by himself?


10 years ago

What did you expect, it's Television!?

heehee. i don't have a TV so i don't know any of the shows but that video was pretty pathetic.

ROFL. What a fake. Surviroman is so much better.

And sometimes his crew gives him help...he's even stayed in a motel once.

There's a bunch of places where they talk about the mvw conspiracies, but Discovery channel did admit that he stayed in a hotel once (or more, i forget) when he said he hadn't. And there are other incidents that he has just not done everything he said he did.

thats not cool, we need a hXc boyscout or something to go out and do it and you should only give him a camera. I would watch that show, lol

Yeah, they send him out with camera gear, a satellite phone (for emergencies), a multi tool, and a few things that a lost person might have, like a few peanuts, a camera...little stuff like that, and he makes do. The tough thing is that, if he wants to record him self climbing a hill, he has to set up the camera, climb, come back down, get the camera, and climb up again...and he does record himself climbing up hills....

A bunch of places talk about mvw conspiracies...but the discovery channel did admit that he has stayed in motels, and that he has gotten help from the crew before.

surviver man is better he gets no help

I saw this on G4 the other day.

Yeah, I don't watch them as much as I used to, they have to many interviews