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can anyone tell me how to make a MARGARITA MACHINE


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its a garbage disposal mounted through a wood stool and cooler. and the piping is what you see. it wasn't on or anything but they say you fill it with a bag of ice and the mix and turn it on. it keeps sucking it down and recirculating it. when you want a drink you turn the red valve and viola!


How about an ice dipsenser with the liquid of the drink preprepared and chilled, a blender blade underneath and the dipsensed Ice fals through to be crushed as it passes and the liquid come down and in to the glass...

This is an idea I have been throwing around in my mind for a while. I will build one as soon as I can find the time. It wont look as good as the commercial ones but will work well. Use a 5 gal. igloo water cooler and mount a garbage disposal to it. The construction is simple and the design will work.

My husband made one a couple of years ago, using a 5 gal water cooler & STAINLESS Steel garbage disposal. Works well, instantly creates a "party" atmosphere. We've been asked to bring it to family reunions, rehersal dinners, and even a wedding reception! Cost approx $160 in parts (the new garbage disposal being the most $130 on sale). The drawback: since it "blends" (and not "chills"), beverage must be served quickly. Also, overblending processes the ice so fine, that drink becomes diluted. It's better to make small 1 to 1-1/2 gallon batches, than to try to prepare a full 3-4 gal batch.