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MAX8622 step up chip any .sch out there other then flash camera like solar project ? Answered

i got a MAX8622 step up chip and asking if any1 made a solar cell project and would like to share there eagle .sch and a converter to convert 300v into outlet out put  i wanna use ur guys and girls as a template if i did it right but i dont have the MAX8622 .lbr file this will really help my project going and u to will help a lot more then u think 



It's a low voltage IC, you don't want to be having 300V around it - what do you want to do here?


A solar project with less power drag when a higher electroinc start up it pulls from the storage and other elcctronic like the lights dim for a sec or a step down from a 300v to 24v RV current to charge other battery's for home solar my main goal is to make a charger or ac current feed as small as a pc 80mm fan a draw 7v or a bit less so ul need less salor VS a roof solar

Let's see if we can use the web to find circuits.
Though the 8622 is designed to suck a battery dry.
Something may show up
Start here


dude that small sweet that 1 size 2 more to go in my list when i get the pis of this transformer that came off a 1 time use camera it has 5 pins

oh and ty for taking the time to help me if u have a schematics .sch file for 8v dcDC Step up to feed a 24v (with amps) it will help me sooooo much then it will allow me to go phase 2 in my project

and TY u guys
for ur help

One function for max6522 is charging a flash Capacitor per Maxim.


Sorry 8622, I'm dyslexic.

I read a different datasheet - I couldn't fin that specific IC.


Yes, definitely the wrong datasheet, thanks man.