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MIT FEE (Freshman Evaluation Essay)[edited] Answered


I'm just curious, is anyone else here taking the FEE?
I'm about 3/4 of the way through the reading, and hope to finish the first essay today.



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Is this a handwritten essay or do you get to use grammar and spellcheck? It seems that college applications are getting more like putting together a resume and taking a personality test in addition to forking over money for the application fee.

I get to use grammar and spellcheck, but this isn't a college app. At this point (since the exam isn't over yet) I can't disclose what my assignment is, but I can tell you that they gave me about 70 pages of journal articles to read, and I have to write two essays about them. Yeah, I'd have to agree though. It was a lot like a personality test and a resume (along with an interview and that app. fee), but what did college apps used to be?

Back in my day...college apps was more like applying for a driving permit. Checklist of stuff and a few short answer questions. I think raw scores and grades counted more rather than schools trying to diversify the student makeup in the classes. Good luck to you.

I have a feeling that grades still count quite a bit, but raw scores from standardized tests are hard to use as well..... standards. For instance, I can't take tests/write essays well under pressure, but I work well under pressure. Then again, my SAT scores weren't too shabby, and neither is my GPA. Yeah, colleges are definitely trying to diversify their student body, though. I think the whole personality test is a good thing, though. My ideal college consists of a smart and interesting student body. I honestly wouldn't be so happy with people who are just booksmart and study all day. That's boring. Anyhow, thanks!

Congrats! I hope your good vibe passes thru to my keyboard. I am sitting here writing my entrance essay for grad school. Perhaps I'll see you on campus next Fall? Positive thinking positive thinking positive thinking...................

Damn, I wish I was... I gotta SAT in a week though : P

You think that's bad, I have my last 8 days of compulsary education as of tomorrow, and within that, I have 11 exams.

Actually... the SAT is easy, kids here are so dumb they've had to dumb down the test.

What happens if your essay is not up to par?

They force you to take the dreaded standard freshman writing course, as opposed to a less dreaded elective-ish oriented writing course.


I'm still in high school, enjoying it while I can =D

But have fun, though!