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My Little Pony: Building is Magic Answered

Being a HUGE ponies fan I've taken a note to all the recent and cool projects being put out by bronies on sites like EquestriaDaily.com and thought it appropriate to give bronies a place to post all these and compile them together. Here's your place to post 'ibles on ponies! :D



i made a pinkie pie hair ible :)

GAAAAAH! not the ponies! D:

I made this in my school industrial tech class and i just wanted to share it with you guys. It says 20% cooler although its a little hard to see.


Finally, I found more brony on the internet.

I contribute.


Thanks for the web site. Looking for some fun projects

This has to be a group or something. Also what is Pinkie-Pie looking at as it is most certainly not the camera (thing.)

Lol, I hadn't considered that. :P

This is the Ibles MLP group! :D Pinkie? Who knows what she's looking at. :P She's Pinkie Pie! :D

I was thinking group as in This. Also, Pinkie-Pie (AKA Pinkamina Diane Pie) may be Pinkie-Pie but Fluttershy will always be my favorite.


7 years ago

Calling all pony fans and pony investigators!!! It's an official DIY pony Webpage!!!

I've been waiting for someone else to notice but am I the only one who is angry that Luna is not in any of the pictures except as the main antagonist of the first episode?

I have always felt bad for Luna. I mean all she wanted was some attention, instead she gets banished to the moon for 1000 years, I mean Celestia could have at least done something for her, maybe hold a "Lunar Celebration" day where the moon was left in the sky all day, but no, poor Luna had to be banished because then we wouldn't have a plot or main antagonist. Of the non-central ponies I would have to say Luna, DJ P0N-3 (AKA Vinyl Scratch,) and Ditzy and her family are probably my favorite ponies.

If you watch the party scene (first episode) you will see she has teleportation abilities, because with every screen change she is in a new spot talking to another pony or just standing around looking at multiple different things at the same time. Also DJ P0N-3 was so awesome she made her first appearance (in episode 14) 13 Minutes 37 seconds in. (13:37)

I've always loved Vinyl but I fail to see how showing up in Suited For Success makes her 20% cooler. :P it's how she started!

She showed up at 13:37 (1337) if you don't get it try here.

i know what im getting for my birthday