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MOT ( microwave oven transformer) help Answered

OK, i just pulled this huge transformer out of a microwave today and was just wondering how on earth to hook it up. Pictures below. so please help.
And sorry about the pictures being sideways. The bolts you see are on the bottom.




Best Answer 6 years ago

Hook it up, to do What ??
These are not regular transformers, they are used as resonating magnetron
driver devices.


i just want to make some sparks.

This can kill you, so literally keep one hand in your pocket
when its plugged into a live socket. 
That way you can only burn off some fingers. . . .  .  . . .  A


and maybe charge a cap bank with it

I was thinking more on the high voltage arc side, or maybe charging a cap bank with iy

If you don't know I wouldn't recommend you play with it.

well im just asking. i dont know very much but im trying to learn. so if you could just help i would appreciate it