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mower has sat for awhile has spark but wont start. If I spray starter fluid in the air intake hole it will start and run for a few seconds. Any ideas maybe it is clogged somewhere????



7 years ago

Girls really should not mow grass
It has spark and wants to run.
Did it already have gas in the tank ? Then clean the carb float valve.


Your mower, you can see it, you can take it apart etc - so you need to answer this (for yourself), the rest of the world can only guess...
Have you put fresh fuel in it, or has that been sat for a while also?


ethe other answers.


7 years ago

You should also change the gas. I have used old gas with no problems but I am told that it does get stale after a while. More importantly is water. You might have a little water at the bottom of the tank. Water sinks in gas so it will be what gets pulled into the engine first and it will keep it from starting. Moisture can condense from the air or even leak into the gas tank. I had a problem with it leaking into the tank through the little vent hole in the cap. I was amazed at how much water got through that tiny hole. Anyway, pull the hose off the bottom and drain everything out. If you catch it in a glass bottle you might be able to see the water at the bottom. Fill it up with fresh gas (don't use ethanol fuels) and it should start.

+1 Water
can condense in a airplane wing
I completely forgot my pilot training here :-(

Check the carburetor is clean...
Check the air filter is clean...

choke position?

The square linkage pin holding the flywheel to the rotor shaft might be skewed, which will offset the magneto timings -- that pin should be square and not indented or mangled (happens if the motor stops suddenly)