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MP3 books to ZUNE Answered

I just got a Zune, I like to listen to recorded books while I work, which is reasonably easy to do with the Zune interface software and most books on CD. THE PROBLEM is books recorded as MP3 files. Strangely enough here is an "MP3 Player" that cannot handle MP3 data directly... At least this is my experience so far. Placing a MP3 recorded book CD in the drive and while I CAN listen to it on the laptop using Zune's Software interface. Trying to transfer the files to the Zune unit creates error files that are unusable and so far I have not been able to remove from the Zune. Admittedly I'm a newbe to the Zune but have been using computers since the Atari 800 came out too many years ago for me to admit to...ANY help would be appreciated. Possibly there's something I just have not found as yet.



I've had the Zune 30, 120, and now the HD. All of them played my MP3 files.

I would guess there are three possible problems: 

1 - DRM would only allow those mp3 files to be played on a certain mp3 player.

2 - non-standard encoding would only allow your mp3 files to be played on devices or software packages which can use the appropriate decoder.

3 - compression could impact a zune because if your files are recorded at too high a sampling rate (ie the files are really big) it (the zune) may need to convert it to a smaller file before it can play it.

I generally ignore the technical reasons for things working, but I would be shocked if the Zune couldn't play books just for players, as in those from itunes.

IT MAY... I am not really familiar with all it's intricacies I DID get books that are in MP3 format on the unit by first using a converter to change them to wav format then running them thru Zune's software that loads them on the zune hardware it works but what a DRAG to double convert... Also in perusing the interface software i found the unit was set to load files to the player as a Lossless (the acronym escapes me ) file rather than MP3 though that IS a choice... NOW I'm searching for a FREEWARE suite to convert DVD movies to load onto the ZUME for those BORING wait time situations at work so far $45.00 is as free as it gets for something that works well. Suggestions welcome

. I'll guess that they are using a non-standard encoding technique. You may be able to re-encode the file. If not you should be able to play the book to your sound card/mic input and record from there.