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MP3 player - Car Unit Help? Answered

OK, here's the deal. My truck's stereo finally kicked the bucket and now I have no way to play tunes. The old unit had an aux input, which was the only thing I really used (to play my MP3 player). I'd like to make a small, simple unit that just has a jack, power switch, and volume control I could mount in my truck that would run off of 12V and power 4 existing speakers (8 ohm). After looking around at other Instructables, I realized that I don't really know much about amps. I think I could wire one up, however, if I had a diagram. I have a couple of LM386N's laying around I could use, if I knew how...

So, could someone please help me out on how to make an amp for this? And any other helpful info?
Thanks a lot!




8 years ago

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8 years ago

You're on the right lines, though a 386 might be too quiet for you. There are bigger amps.

One 386 per channel might hack it nicely though. You can use a couple of pots to balance the signals L-R and Front-back.

I'd perhaps use the corpse of the old radio, for a chassis, and for the nice connection to the supply and the existing speakers though.