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MRI scan? Answered

Has anyone had an MRI scan?
How good/bad was the experience.

I have the opportunity to volunteer for a research project which is gathering MRI data from Asthmatics and I am not too sure about volunteering.

I have had several Ct scans but know the MRI process is very different.




Best Answer 1 year ago

Just to not swallow an iron based coin before you go...

Otherwise it is easy, comfortable and quick...

I had several performed searching for neck pain and found a narrow spine nerve pressure point... Lifting weights avoided surgery and the risk of nerve injury...

because tiny metal pieces get behind your eyelid when you weld the superstrong magnetic field will move the pieces around and damage your eyes.

OUCH! When I do weld I wear a full face mask. Fortunatly not something I need to do often.

Many thaks guys - Ill let you know hos it goes if I am accepted.


1 year ago

It's not bad, it used to take a long time, but I think they got the time down to like 10 or so minutes, depending on what they are scanning. You lay down onto a small bed, and a brace will be fit over your head to keep still, they give you earplugs for hearing protection because it can be pretty loud, as well as a squeeze pump in case you start freaking out, and then they roll you into what looks like a giant toilet roll. I think the more advanced ones sometimes will even have a mirror on the inside which enables you to watch TV while inside the MRI machine, as well as some tubes that stick into your ears to hear it and the instructions of the nurse/doctor.

The reason for the passive headphones and mirror instead of a small screen inside is due to the insane magnetic field produced, even the tiniest bit of ferromagnetic material can cause problems, let alone electronics.

The "worst" part is if they have to give you an IV, for "contrast." Which is really no more scary than a typical shot.

What are those headphones? They obviously don't have a magnet inside, so how do they work?

Radiation --> coil in the headphones --> sound? What about the electro-magnetic radiation from the MRI?

They are vinyl tubes with cans on the end of them. The tubing carries physical audio waves down them and they sound terrible. Worse than a phone call, primarily due to a high Q factor and just the design of them.

Think of the classic telephone with 2 plastic cups and a string. That is how these work in essence. A typical speaker is used as the driver at the other end.

It depends exaclty on what KIND of MRI you are having - in many cases you won't need a contrast agent, and if they aren't studying your head, they won't be bracing it.

It will be my lungs they are interested in. Apparently you breath in a mix of air and modified polorised Xenon gas which gives them a better contrast of what is essentially an empty space.

Modern medicine!

Had a few done for my back and these days they are fast.
Unless you have a condition preventing you from being comfortable when laying flat you won't have a problem.
If the do a full scan (or even just partial) ask for the data on a disk.
Always comes handy if you can keep these scan results for future reference or creating a 3D model of your body parts.

Noisy, and if you are claustrophobic you might find it unpleasant, but otherwise its not difficult at all,

MRI is one of the least intrusive forms of medical scanning. a crude description is that it is a machine that uses powerful magnets to cause hydrogen atoms in your body to send radio signals, these signals are received and used to create a image.

My mother underwent it and except for some discomfort at having to remain still and a few noises from the machine itself as it performed the scan it was rather uneventful.