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MSA Sordin 6 pin LEMO... Answered

Recently I bought a  pair of MSA Sordin headsets but the plug is a MIL spec 6 pin lemo and I cannot find  a PTT for a Kenwood radio(2 pin ).
Any suggestions?
BTW I live outside the US so going to radioshack is  not possible...


Take a look at pp 15-16 of this document:

It's not the same headset, but I think it is the same connector, intended for plugging into the instrument panel of an aircraft of some kind...

I don't know what the shape of the connectors on your "Kenwood radio" look like.  I also do not know what "PTT" stands for, but I kept seeing that word while searching for clues on your headset.

An adapter may exist, but it will probably just be easier to cut off that silly connector, and solder on one (or two), whatever are needed,  for the connections to your radio.  That is provided you can figure out which wire goes where, and I am hoping the PDF I linked to has some clues regarding that question.

Thanks alot for the help, it looks like its too expensive to buy the connector, so I guess I'm stuck with it...
I'll go and ask if someone can solder one for me but I think I'll have to sell them and buy the same ones with a different plug.
Thanks again for your time!!!

Lemo make probably the best connectors on the planet - and with that kind of rep, they can charge what they want.....


I should have mentioned this one first.   If you can find your headset, listed here:
Then the official data sheet should be just a few mouse-clicks away from that, provided you have not already found this.  Again the goal is to figure out which pin goes where.


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I typed "6-pin LEMO connector" into Google and Mouser was on the first page. There are other vendors there as well. As Steve said, though, you'd best be sitting down when you look at the prices.

You wouldn't get a Lemo in radioshack anyway. Try Lemo in your own country - but be sat down when they give you the price.