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MSSP-65v4.3 Answered

This is a better version of my MSP-35v2.9. It now has a pump, but it is a new kind of pump.



9 years ago

sweet but i kind of liked the older one better :) :(

just some things like I sometimes like smallish guns but atleast this gets a 5*!

now its no longer a pistol because of the pump......................

wow looks great!

Looks pretty darn sweet, dude! 5 stars :D


Yeah, I don't do Knex, but I can tell that took some real effort.

The pump isn't directly attached to the firing pin, it has a big thingy that connects it to the firing pin. I know it isn't that great.

I prefer the old one to be honest, the pump makes it look, abit, strange, still, looks cool.

You can easily remove the pump.

I like the idea of the pump, but not the way it looks, if you know what I mean...?

Well there is pretty much no other way to do it.

I know, I was just saying, you gonna enter it in the TGKT? For round 2?

Depends what the challenge is for round 2.

Maybe make a version 2 of the gun from round 1? Or a cannon? Or a shotgun? (By shotgun I mean any kind, multiple rounds, multiple mags, multiple barrels).

I'm already pretty sure what it will be.

Please don't do ball machine, Unless you don't mind me making a crank, with no ball machine parts except the chain links. Lol

BUGGER! My firing pin just broke! Then again I have had it 2 years lol, I just wrapped lots of tape around an orange connector & black rod. I can't do the vid now, I'll have to do it sometime this week ='[!

you should post cuz it has a new pump that has never been used before also some peeps av been waitin for a gun dat shoots an amount of bullets at the same time usually peeps would load as many in the barrel in 1 shot wid this u got a pump action 3 magged 3 round burst knex shotgun u cant not post cuz its sweet if/when u post i will definitly build hope u do cant wait till u do

I'm going to post it this weekend or next week.