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Firstly, on wednesday, some people from universities i've never heard of before came to college to say how great they were, and if any of them offered the course i want, that'd be fine (wednesday's the day i get all my instructables-y stuff done) BUT NONE OF THE 3$$$%��?���£$$6465$��?���£n ��?���£$ DO!
THEN my boss, who said he'd give me 3 whole damn weeks notice if he wants me to work saturdays has given me just 20 hours!
so understandably, i'm a little annoyed
I'm not even going to rant about the fact that i can't actually WIN this competition, because that'll get me a lot of bad messages "mlehmlehmleh, vendigroth, you're so stupid, mleh"
And now i really have to go, otherwise i'll be late for a lesson
It's monday night; 7/5/07 and i've given up.
I've got neither the materials nor the skill to achieve my goal, though no one can say i didn't try. Even the little tiny knife i tried to make didn't work; i heat-treated it, leant my weight on it and it bent nastily. If knives could laugh.....
I finally got some more decent steel, so i'll get to work on something else on wednesday, if i'm not too gloomy, tho that's not likely.
I can see i'll have trouble with the new project, if only for the sheer size of the thing but maybe, just maybe i can pull it off.....
tuesDAY and work on the new thing starts...when i get home from college. I AM going to suceed with this.
Wednesday evening: all gone bloggy
An object of this size has given unholy life to a problem: how the hell do i heat-treat the object of this size?
well, necessity IS the mother of invention...
Seems i might have 2 instructables to enter, maybe 3, if "It" works well enough...
15 may 07: Damn these exams! I can't put any real owrk into my stuff till they're over, and by then there'll not be long left!
It's like being thirsty, only worse...you can go without water for 2 or 3 days, really, till you really need to drink.
I'm undergoing the torments of the damned; i've not made anything significant for ages! my last instructable was a month ago!
It's like every particle of my body is straining towards the nearest lump of steel, and its all i can do to resist...still, at least i'm assured that i can make myself bigger and better ools when the exams are over


"mlehmlehmleh, you;re so stupid, mleh" i was wondering when an acrimonious pedantic n00b'd show up. Do try harder next time, it's been more than a month since i posted the forum topic. Actually, you did make my day, your comment was very amusing.

i might have to ditch this project and get moving on... The Project tho it'd be better to wait till i've got this one out of the way first. If The Project works well enough, i'll post as soon as i can.

You still have 43 days left, so keep at it!

as far as i can tell, the choosing-the-winners system is based on the number of views and the rating given to the instructable, so time is of the essence!
no, i'm perfectly calm, why do you ask?

Rating and views is just a component of this contest. If someone enters an Instructable at the 11th hour, they will still get a fair shot.

THat makes sense, and you make a good point. I won't be able to publish my Instructables since my camera's in SC, so I'm gonna use the next few weeks to brainstorm.

how a bout a super-powered nerf gun using air pressure

no, i've got my project covered already. i WAS planning to make a skittles gun at one point, but that sort of flopped

I know how you feel, my project I've been working on for the last week fell apart, I simply couldn't accomplish what I wanted with the materials I could afford. Maybe something new will come to me.

i've got the materials and (i hope/think) the skill needed to pull it off, but i've got no time in which to make my magnificent entry. At least monday's the May Day bank holiday......


11 years ago

The laser contest?

Ohh..nevermind lol. The RSS feed doesn't show the group.