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Sometimes I can't even hear my music over it! How do I quiet it down? It pisses me off so much, and gives me headaches. Oh and, I can't spend any money on it, and my parents are paranoid about modding our computer, because they don't know a crap about it, so I can't really do any mods to quiet it. So I guess i'm screwed.


hey you can switch over the wires in your molex connectors in some so you use the 12v rail as your positive and the 5v as your negative , giving you 7v difference (or potential difference if you will) anyway do this and the fans will run of 7v and run slower and quieter however just juts remember not to use any of the modded pluggs for real hardware maybe even rip of the sticker and put sewing machine oul down the hole of each fan?

Ya, most fans shouldn't be loud unless they're "dry" I use veggie oil or wd40 for my fans.

Vegetable oil will only work temporarily and will cause the fan to freeze up in a very short time. Avoid it. Use WD40 or 3in1 oil.

I know and why I stopped using it after about 3 fans. The wd 40 seems to work for now, but like Bill said below, it's more of a cleaner. I should invest in some 3-1 oil or even hair clipper oil would be better becuause it's really thin, and keeps things from sticking to it aka hair or in my case, dust.

WD40 is every bit a lubricant. It is not a cleaner, but a Water Displacement formula.

It does lubricate fairly well, but it does kind of evapourate over time. I know it's "water displacement", but it does work not to badly for cleaning quite a few times.

try penetrating oil? any light oil that's not going to rot or gum up'd do the trick

I hear sewing machine oil works well that is what i have used in the past penetrating oil - Whats this? - like wd40?

penetrating oil's the same sort of stuff, just not a brand name 's more a lubricant, anyway, rather than a water-keeper-outer and cleaner

I wish WD 40 was a lubricant, because then it would be the ultimate tool.

no, no, no, no, no!
a penknife made out of WD40'd be the ultimate tool

You would have to suspend ferro-particles in it wouldn't you and then somehow get it to hold it's form by applying electricity to it wouldn't ya? But that would be pretty sweet. OR do you mean like a pen sized can of wd 40 that would slip into your sock so you could have it any moment where someone might need a squirt? lol

*shrug* maybe a can of WD40 with a kife blade on it? or a screwdriver taped to the side?

ORRR a multitool with a can of wd-40 and a knife in it. That would be a uber cool toy. "Watcht the F*** out or I'll stab you with this wd-40 straw" I wonder how many people have been killed with a can of wd-40 before....

i'd still prefer a knife made of WD-40 or a can of WD-40 made of knife

Oh sorry i gave some bad advice above. What you should do is change the rails your fan connects to then you wont screw up the plugs configuration and you still can plug the plug into anything. Also : Check your BIOS you may be able to throttle your system fans without any internal changes to your system.

Well, I know that if you have continuous beeps, that is not good. Because the problem would be coming from your motherbaord. Which is not good. Just givin some troubleshooting tips. -Brennn10


11 years ago

And WD40 is more of a cleaner than a lubricant, so that's not the best idea either.
Something a bit lighter than 3in1 might be useful - sewing machine oil, perhaps?
In any case, collecting some of the good advice:
1) Figure out which fans are noisy.
2) check for dirt blocking airflow. Many modern systems (I don't know if the Dim3000 is one of them) vary fan speed based upon measured CPU temperature, so dirty inlets or dusty heatsinks can cause fans to run at full speed trying go blow air where it can't get to anyway.
3) clean and lubricate fan and fan bearings.
4) consider using vibration absorbing fan mounts.
5) If you have plenty of airflow, you can consider running the fans at reduced voltages by hacking the power connections (to the fans.) I *think* if you have an intel CPU it will just start shutting itself down if it gets too hot; AMD CPUs in that generation were famous for not being so forgiving.
6) Replacement fans are relatively inexpensive, and some places specifically sell "quiet" fans. The trend seems to reduce noise by using a bigger fan at a lower RPM to move the same amount of air, but not all positions in your computer are going to present the luxury of allowing a bigger fans. I bought the Dells I have partly because of the fact that the level systems integration they use allows them to design fan placement and airflow such that they're much quieter than the home-brew PCs I've built (ie by mounting the CPU fan on the case and using ducts to the CPU heatsink.) I gather the 3000 wasn't a shining example of such things? Be a bit careful to replace fans with other fans having similar airflow specifications (which are going to be more or less proportional to the current rating printed on the fan label.) Even at the same size, Fan specifications can vary a great deal. Our local surplus store has LOTS of fans and heatsinks at low prices (probably noisy ones.)

Is it the fans that are loud...because those can be easily replaced for very little money.

Yeah. They're both in the back too. I've read reviews about the model I have (Dell Dimension 3000 Desktop) and they say it has crappy fans.

So put some real fans in it. Go to your local radio shack and get some BIG 12 volt fans and a pack of zip ties. Bonus points if you fun the 12 volt fans of 5 volts. First thing I would chack though, is it really the fans? or is it the hard drive? You have opened it, right?

You might be able to quiet the fans a bit without replacing them. Adding rubber grommets between the fan and the case can help.

I never thought of that one before. I'm sure those rubber spacers they put in most disc-man's would work great.

You can't spend any money on it. Is this your main CPU fan? See if BIOS will let you turn the speed down. If this causes the CPU to get uncomfortably hot, underclock it in BIOS too (assuming you're not in need of high performance) L


11 years ago

First thing to do is try cleaning out all the dusk and other crap from your fan. Other than that, maybe you really need new hardware like ram and such...don't be too annoyed by it...the computer is only trying to not make itself overheat!