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Mac VS PC? Answered

I'm posting this to share my experience and opinion of Mac's VS PC's. I welcome you to read and share your story.

For many years I was a PC. I believed whole-heartedly that I needed Windows, and I needed Microsoft. Then I bought my last laptop. It wasn't cheap. I used it everyday for work and therefore it was important that it ran efficiently. Like many of you, I suffered from "blue screens" and on occasion a "crash". There were viruses and trojans and attacks from all places, you'd think I was engaged in war! Then the proverbial "last straw" occurred. I needed to upgrade into some new software, and I received a simple message that I needed to also upgrade the Windows Service Pack. Hmmm.... Seemed easy enough. (Been there. Done that.) So, off I went to download the SP (from a reputable source) and then "Success!"... I got a message that said "Successfully installed. Windows must restart to complete process". Hmmm... Ok... I pressed through the process to restart my machine and there it began....

The long and never ending cycle had started! My laptop shut down, started to boot and then upon seeing the (dare I say it?) Vista Start Up Screen, my laptop promptly repeated itself and began to reboot... o_0 ??? This went on for sometime... *anger growing*... NOTHING I did would stop this, or should I say NOTHING would START my laptop. It was forever entangled into a mysterious vortex of computer "Neverland". I was NOT impressed. I had to borrow another computer to do some research and found very little at the time to explain this conundrum. Then I tried Microsoft. I used their "so-called" online customer service department and was put in touch with someone who was younger than my oldest pair of shoes. He also couldn't speak English very well, so without being incredibly rude I requested another agent. Upon conversing with agent #2, I knew I was in trouble... (Was Agent #2 related to Agent #1???) ... o_0 ??? *shakes head*

I will give credit to Agent #2. He was nice. He tried his hardest to suggest everything under the sun, but alas, we both concluded it was hopeless. The final bluescreen error number confirmed the toe tag on my machine. So I was left with having to reinstall the entire system and lose EVERYTHING on my laptop. *fuming mad now* Then it occurred to me that "Windon'ts" (as I affectionately call them now), opted not to provide me with necessary disks to reinstall their OS during my purchase. It seems that the cost of a CD has become so expensive for Microsoft that they are forced to leave it up to the consumer to fend for themselves. Clearly, they are suffering financially, No? When I rationalized this logic with Agent #2, he suggested that I purchase Windows 7 as it had just come out and was much better than Vista (No kidding.... *rolls eyes*). But why? Why prey-tell should I have to purchase anything? My laptop was only 14 months old (conveniently out of warranty) and may as well have been a pre-historic dinosaur as far as Agent #2 was concerned.

So where did me and Agent #2 leave off? He suggested I "borrow" an installation disk from someone and reinstall windows vista and start over... *tics forming now...* He assured me that my "service call to Microsoft" would remain as "unsolved". (Oh btw, at this point we were regulars on the telephone). So my ONE LAST QUESTION to him was: "What assurance do I have, after reinstalling Vista and then the SP I need, that this problem won't just start again?" - His reply was, "Well, it shouldn't"...

Straw officially broken.

Now we come to my life with my new MacBook. Clearly much more expensive than a Windon'ts PC, but wait... Is it? Let's review. There are more "open-source apps" available to a Mac (meaning you get them for free), and in most cases I find they are the same if not better than the paid for MS version. The critical applications that I use everyday for work, installed fine and without issue. I also received "DISKS" from Apple. Apparently they can afford to give customers what they pay for.... Upon opening the box, I was running my new laptop within 5 minutes. Easy Peasy... The time alone that I save from all that aggravation is money in the bank.

Do I miss anything? Yes, actually I do (or maybe I don't). What I miss out on are bluescreens, viruses, trojans, attacks, intrusions, crashes and all the other fun stuff I got to know and expect with a PC.

So why tell all of you about this now?

Well yesterday I noticed that the bottom of my MacBook had a slight bulge in the case. *Heart skipped a beat*. Then after some mild panic, with visions of my last ordeal swirling in my head, I went online in search of why, and found the answer within 5 minutes. Apparently this was something Apple became aware of and had a simple solution. Fill out a contact information form along with my serial number and I got a confirmation message. Not only would I receive an ENTIRELY NEW bottom to my MacBook, I would receive a full set of screws AND a screwdriver!!! All FREE OF CHARGE. NO SHIPPING FEES. COST ME NOTHING!!! *shocked* Now I was beaming. *ear to ear grin* I felt validated for my departure from PC. Then in some kind of absurd customer service universe, I received a knock at the door. My replacement parts had arrived!!! - Less than 24 hours later... *mouth gaping and eyes wide*

So I thank you for reading this. I encourage you to share your opinions.

If you don't know who I am. I am canucksgirl. I'm a Mac. Not a PC.


I'm whatever with both.

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now I need Google Translate to figure out what language that is....

Its the, I'm-smashing-my-head-on-a-keboard-because-people-think-i'm-sewdish. language

Swedish? LOL... People from Switzerland are Swiss... Swedish people are from Sweden... :P - I called you "Switzerland", because they are considered politically neutral. Hence the joke.... you are "whatever with both". lol... Get it now? lol

lol... no need to.... (just pretend you read it wrong). :P

There's an awful lot of things that Macs have done to annoy me. They've pioneered the Fisher-Price GUI for a start.
But switching to a UNIX-type OS was a good move.


(only ever seen screen-burn on Macs and cash-machines)

Gaming: P.C
Compatability: P.C
Avaible downloads: P.C

Virus protection: Mac
Life: Mac
Ease of use: Mac

I'm a little of both, but mostly mac

You do realize this has been done before, don't you? And that it's a fairly obvious troll to launch a flame war...


LOL... I wasn't trying to launch a flame war. We all have the ability to read or not read correct? I wanted to simply share my opinion in the "community blog" section. I'm not asking anyone to agree or disagree with my opinion.

:-) You haven't been around much, have you? "Mac vs. PC" is one of the canonical religious wars, like "Democrat vs. Republican" in the U.S. or "Conservative vs. Liberal" (or PD or ND :-) in Canada.

There is no objective answer; nevertheless, partisans on both sides are utterly convinced in the truth of their position, and the utter falsehood, nay, the nefarious evil, of their opponents.

Don't forget the atheist vs non-atheist discussions that sometimes crop up.

Shhhhhh....I was limiting myself to metaphorical religious wars. The real ones are too likely to require the intervenion of U.N. peacekeepers (or NATO bombers).

I know this is a hot topic (duh). ;) The fact is I use to be on the other side of the war... I'm like the Civil War soldier who defected to the other side, and by sharing my story I'm not trying to fuel fire to the debate, I'm merely giving my reasons for the defection.

Perhaps I'll get hung up in the town square for this, but what the heck, we all have to go sometime... ;)

It's not so much that you'll get hung up personally, it's more that you and all your friends will get caught in a crossfire of AK-47s, .50-cals, and grenade launchers being carried by people you've never even heard of...

I suppose I'll have to take that risk. :) The fact is (metaphorically), I was in the war... my rifle jammed. I told my commanding officer and he tried to sell me more defective bullets... o_0 So I defected to the other side. When my rifle strap broke a stitch the new CO sent someone running to replace my strap...

Same as you I used PC's for many years. Winndon'ts for me was always sluggish. Microsoft ruined all the good program's with their own versions, word processing became a nightmare! Publisher was shunned by the printing industry, databases un-user friendly, in fact it was only third party programmers who improved windon'ts - although their software was going through their dinosaur (windon'ts) of an operating system. Bill Gates copied so many other systems and named them his own! Their are things I miss from windows like allowing the mouse pointer jump to the next necessary button like 'OK' or 'next'. I still work on a PC just to make sure I'm missing nothing, I'm not. I still want PC's to keep Apple on their toes......but......now I'm looking into free... yes......FREE operating software like Ubuntu who some people say works faster and better than Windows or Mac, (that I've yet to see!) their upgrades are free as well!. And you can use it on your Mac or PC. Unfortunately no competitor has come with any new ideas in regards to the iPads, iPhones, iPods theirs are just clones....anyway I digresses, I think I woke up tooooooo early this morning...I hope these comments make sense!

Makes sense. :) - The fact is, there just isn't a lot of great options for anyone nowadays... Windows/Microsoft has some advantages and so does Apple/Mac's. My son was using Ubuntu in an effort to find something better, but he broke free of that when he found it didn't work as well as promised with programs he likes to use. I don't keep a Windon't machine at all anymore. I simply use a virtual machine on my MacBook and it solves the need for development and testing purposes. I wish someone out there could come up with a competitive OS that wouldn't just get eaten up by one of the "big boys", so that consumers would have more choice. It's too much of a monopoly, and unfortunately we're not playing with "monopoly money". Computers can be very expensive and my trials and tribulations have cost me dearly. I need these systems in order to make a living, so having more choice would be ideal, and drive prices down.

im more of a P.C. person

good to have a happy ending ... i had a xp laptop before an has various problem u mensioned then one day i was inspired by some mac forums ...no i didnt afford to buy a mac then ... i ended having mac tiger in my acer laptop for 6 months before buying an actual macbook pro ... but sometimes i do need windows ... so i installed parallels and ran windows in it ... happy ever after ....

Thanks for sharing. A virtual machine on your system is a good solution. I too use one for testing purposes. :)