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Mac osx86? Answered

i am currently downloading a hacked version of mac to install on a windows computer. I dont know if it is going to work yet, so i have not purchased a loepard liscense. 1. Do i need to buy a leopard license even though this is a hacked version, and 2. if mac decided to take me to court could they really for me downloading something that they didnt fully make (becuase of the work-on-a-pc hack) and once it installed sucsesfully i would have bought a license anyway?


Yes, you'd need a license to legally install and run their software. Yes, they could sucessfully litigate against you should you choose to pirate their software. It's doubtful they would bother with one person stealling one product, but the option is there. There's a bit of a grey area when it comes to the hacked version. It really depends on their terms-of-usage-agreement (which you agree to when you install the software), and exactly what alterations were made to the hacked version. I'd guess that the terms-of-usage doesn't allow modifications, but I doubt very much that there are restrictions on what kinds of machines you run it on and I doubt also that they really care if you chose to run it on PC... as long as you pay for it.

well the apple computers use completely different hardware that only mac machines have. That is why the install iso is hacked; to bypass the need for mac hardware.

It's not THAT different. PC's and MACS have evolved separately, but not for long enough to become totally distinct (and have converged on some points since the original split).

In fact, they're close enough that selecting the right hardware nets you a PC that can function as a Mac with minimal hacking on the operating system level.

http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page This is THE place for info on the subject.

Anyway, the point of my previous post was strictly on legality. I've never read the TOS for Leopard, so I can't say for certain... but I would guess that the hacks go against the agreement. Of course if you bought the OS, I really doubt that they care what you choose to run it on.

i got it from the project osx86 wiki page, downloaded as a torrent.