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MacBook Pro/MacBook Pro 2010? Answered

OK, I am in the market for my first laptop.
       My family has been on a Gateway running Windows XP Home Edition since 2002. I have two siblings and a mother who is a pre-k teacher (uses this computer 24/7 for lesson plans). I hardly get anytime on this thing. I am looking at a 15" MacBook Pro. I am very cautious with my money and with college around the corner, I want a computer that will last. If anyone who happens to own one could tell me the pros and cons of the unit it would be greatly appreciated. 

    Another question: does anyone know anything about an early 2010 MacBook Pro release? If so would waiting for the next update be worth the wait?


Im telling you something I just bought an Alienware M17x really no doubt its the best, costed like 5000 but worth it the people whos saying apple is better i dont think so, because lots expensive for to only have 512 graphics card -.- ,and their HDD are not solid while in alienware u can choose a solid state hdd and a better graphics card crosfire X

i agree with linux (linux are awesome) but anyway hes going into college he didnt say he wanted a gaming computer i mean seriously? 5000 dollars is a lot i found a pro alianware laptop 64 bit for only 1400 on their site youve got to be kidding. macs are great for video making and such and buisness sortof i dont think he wanted a gaming computer im on an asus right now and i must tell you its just as good as your alienware.

Ok, I signed up just to comment on this post. Seriously? An ALIENWARE? That is your reason for him to NOT get a macbook? I have multiple friends who got different laptops for college (im currently a freshman) 1 of them got an alienware m17x, top of the line i7 running @ 2.63ghz I believe, 4gb of RAM, 2 Radeon 4870's, a 320 gb 5200 rpm HD (lol) and the screen isnt even full HD resolution. This laptop costed him I believe 2800 or MORE. Another got an Asus G17 Gaming laptop, (i believe this is the name) he has a 360m nvidia graphics chip, same processor as the m17x, full res screen, 8gb of ram, and paid only 1300. This laptop even outperforms the m17x in terms of FPS on graphic intensive games such as crysis. The m17x is a joke for the price. I bought a samsung q430m, 14 inches, i5 @ 2.53ghz 4gb ram 500gb HD, and Im happy with it bc i have a home built desktop that i also brought with me. I've been looking at macs and the people that have them, and honestly, they are a great deal, you get the best of both worlds, snow leopard, and windows 7, (bc u can dual boot them). and the laptop has a GREAT battery life for the hardware used. They also look great, and trust me, if youre in public with a laptop that has LED lights all over it and it says "ALIENWARE" slapped on the back, youre gonna look like a mega nerd. Thats ok with me, but for the average laptop user, and when it comes to being professional, that isnt exactly what you want.

All macs have the option of solid state drives. Windows 7 is stable-finally-but it's still windows.

I saw other have said it, but thought I should throw my comments into the mix. First of all, if money is an issue, don't get a Mac. Also if you want a computer that will last you a while, don't buy a Mac. I got a Mac for my college days, and I wish I hadn't. For the cost I could have gotten a really awesome pc laptop. It felt like I had bought a handicapped computer, because I had to try and find the Mac versions of any software I tried to use. Also within a year of my purchase, it was outdated. (Mac doesn't support thier old operating systems for long, so I gradually lost program options, features, and even web pages I could visit) I'd suggest a nice Toshiba laptop. I got one of those recently and it is the best laptop I've ever owned. Plus it isn't outrageously priced!

Regards Mac laptops longevity and usability, here's my experience. I bought a PowerBook G4 15 inch in 2004 and I'm still using it. What I've learned from 20 years of owning macs is ALWAYS buy the AppleCare Warranty. My PowerBook USB/power supply board died after two years - replaced under warranty - no problems since. I always prop it up for cooling, use a surge protector, and repair permissions and backup weekly. I've upgraded it - I maxed the RAM and added a 250 GB hard drive (Other World Computing is my friend). It's my business computer, I use Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and GoLive and Quicktime Pro for video editing. Although I can use Windows XP via Virtual PC it's really slow, so if I need something Windows I use my wife's PC laptop. :)

For home and office I use a standard multi-outlet surge protector (TORO brand). At home I also have a outside-mount surge protector between the incoming electrical lines and our house.

For on-the-go I carry a small Kensington one outlet surge protector (plus a six-foot extension cord). That's for working at Starbucks, someone else's office or plugging into the 12v/110v converter in my car.

I'm pretty sure that you can dual boot Windows on a Mac.

Yeah you can, now. I was talking about 5 years ago.

I have a macbook pro and i'm using it right now to write this answer. Macbook pros are very sturdy (if you're wondering how i know i've accidentally dropped mine).
They rarely get viruses the only way to really get one is to search for them which u probably wouldn't do. You can't download some software but most u can. In order to change the settings the macbook needs your permission (u have to type in a password). You can do a ton more, i've only listed about half. U can search it up on the web and you might find more details about the macbook pro.

I'm with you, venom, except that several of my friends and i have had just the regular MacBooks now for about four years. We have no trouble, enjoy bug-free runs on the WWW and are satisfied with speed and reliability.
My only negative experience with Apple occurred when I dropped a full soda glass onto the open keyboard and I tried to deal with the Apple store and its "geniuses". The short of it was that they gave me an absurdly high estimate to fix it, I angrily took it back home, machine dried out on its own and, after a month of running it using a Mac portable keyboard, it thankfully "healed itself." Now, most of us use these readily available transparent skins over our keyboards.

mac only takes one minute to setup and to turn it on it only takes 20 seconds. It's very fast

macbook pro only cost about 1200

macbook? nah, its expensive and people will want to steal it.
how about try a alienware m15x laptop, a little bit more cost (100-200$ more than the macbook (999) but you get much, much better options on the hardware. and imo, looks a s*** ton better than the sterile white of a mac.

added bonus, you can play ALL the newest games. because its windows based.

i'd also think the alienware would be on par with mac's "quality"

I have been in IT service engineer and support for more than 12 years in Windows and more than 7 years in Linux. I only started using iMac since last week and I too feel I will never go back to normal PC at home.

I believe those who really giving bad comments on Mac such as expensive or useless or hard to use are those either cant afford or never really use it.

And if you are playing games why use laptop? By using a 24" or bigger size to play is way better.

When you are bring a laptop out for a meeting which one is nice? Macbook Pro or alienware? I can assure u other people will laugh at you for bring an alienware for meeting.

And lastly he is asking on the Macbook Pro, not the white macbook. You dont even know which model is that so please do some read up.

Lol, IT service engineer and support for more than 12 years, yeah and I'm the messiah. It's incredibly ignorant of you to assume that anybody that badmouths a mac can't afford it. Really, why don't YOU do some research? I know people that dislike Macs and they own computers more than twice the price of one. And yes, Macs ARE expensive. Any Apple product is expensive. This is the truth. Have you seen what they charge for an extra ram stick? It's laughable, considering that you can buy a ram stick from any other manufacturer for like 100% less. Aw, omg they're going to laugh at me for bringing an Alienware to a meeting. Buddy, if you're even old enough to go to meetings, then you'll understand that nobody is really going to laugh at you regardless of what computer you bring.

About playing "ALL the newest games", once valve releases steam for mac youll be able to play some of the newest games. Also, the alienware would be above the macs 'quality'.

Yes if you only use it to play games. How about running photoshop and edit some 500mb ultra high resolution photo for poster from ANY PC machine? Try doing that and see how FAST does any Windows 64bit version with 8gb ram can open it.

 Dude, I bought a mbp back in August and am LOVING it.  It's fast, dependable, and really versatile.  I can run anything a Windows machine can run if I've a mind to, but I don't.  With Parallels installed ($79.95) you will be able to dual-boot Windows and OS X but why bother? 
Those I.T. dudes are right.  Listen to them. There are also some cute programs out there you can get to "Lowjack" your box in case you get ripped off.
There are NO viruses that work on a mac. None. Period. Don't bother with anti-virus software for your mac. It's a ripoff.  Your mac will tell you when you've downloaded something stupid, like a jpeg with executable code in it.  When it happens-and it will- you just dump it in the trash. End of story.  Every now and then the folks at apple find a vulnerability in OS X and they write the update and put it out for free, but it's never to do with viruses or worms or phishing.  The updates are free and easy to get. If you have a problem just call them and you'll be speaking to a live human within 45 seconds.
I somehow smoked my logic card about two months ago.  After they replaced it and I got it back (it took 4 days-that's it) I asked the repair dude how much it would've cost if I hadn't had the apple care.  $637 and change was the answer.  That's double the cost of the apple care which I had just purchased a month prior to the breakdown.
If you wanna save a little money, go to the apple store online and build your dream machine that you'd buy if you had the cash, and store it your "wish list" (you'll have to open an account).  Then go to the refurb site and watch.  That little bit saved me about 400 bucks.

Just so you know, there are Mac specific viruses. But there aren't very many, because there are not too many people using Macs, so hackers don't bother. However, with the recent popularity of Macs in the last few years, expect some viruses sometime soon!

Actually that is a myth. The primary reason there are no significant viruses for unix based platforms (like Linux, BSD etc) is because they are designed to be a secure operating system, while windows was designed originally as a single user environment and then adapted for networks.

User isolation in *nix operating systems, and the fact that the kernel is protected by additional layers of security are very important in stemming the propagation of viruses.

Stating that hackers don't bother attacking these systems is a myth. In the server world *nix based OSs are more common than windows, and present a massive target for virus writers. Why are there no "code red" style viruses for those then?

Here is a great little article by a respected tech publication that explains much of the back and forth with this issue. 

I am trained in computer security and have 13 years experience in the field.  I run a Macbook Pro right now, but have owned or worked with (or even worked for) pretty much all of the major computer manufacturers, and with just about every OS made since windows 3.1 (not including the multitude of *nix flavours out there, but I have used many of them).

While Windows is a decent product for what it does, I use OSX because it really is more stable than any windows OS.  Windows 7 made some great strides so far, and I would recommend that if you want to stick with Microsoft.  OSX has always been a "known good" platform for me to troubleshoot issues with, without having to make sure the OS itself isn't contributing to the problem, as has been the case on several occasions.

Basically I would sum up this ramble like this:
There are pros and cons for all of the OSs.  No one is strictly better in my opinion, as they all excel in a particular area.  Platforms and software change so often that it is difficult to pigeonhole a particular product for any more than a single generation, which could last as little as a month.

I don't realy like apple computers, so if I were you I would get an ACER(r) computer preferably acer(r) aspire. Very nice computers, about 349.00 USD($) and 3 gigs of RAM a disk drive and windows 7! the only problem is it's battery life is about 2-3 hours


8 years ago

Wait for the 2010 MacBook Pro. Have a go with it in your nearest computer store or Apple shop, and if you like it, then great. If you don't, it's release will have caused the previous model to dramatically fall in price anyway, so it's a win-win situation

Get a MacBook Pro. I don't have one but I go to the apple store a lot and use them. I have also heard great things about them from people I know. They're easy to use, and very simple. They never get viruses and almost never crash. Even when they do crash, all you have to do is do a quick reboot. I have a PC, and Microsoft actually gave my computer a faulty / virus infested OS update, so now our computer thinks it needs to boot from the disk drive. When we change it in our BIOS it changes itself back and then crashes.

 Get a Mac. it will cost quite a bit, but you get what you pay for when it comes to computers. they are incredibly reliable.

I have ran windows forever and never used a mac, but i have never had any problems with my computers. Really, you can do anything you can on windows you can on mac and vice versa. It depends on what you are doing and how good you are at operating a computer. Some people think macs look better, but you can use themes on your windows pc to make it look exactly like a mac. Some people think the macs are expensive, but the hardware on them is beast.


8 years ago

my 7 year old 1.0GHZ mac powerbook G4 is still serving me very well. i shoot video for a living and i capture and edit HD video to it in the field every week.

FUNNY - someone mentioned "dont buy a new mac laptop because people will want to steal it." well, i HAD ONE and it was stolen on a location shoot a few weeks after i bought it... : ]

so here is the long and short of the mac vs windows discussion. if you need to run windows, i mean really NEED to run it. like you work in an office that lives and dies by outlook and other microsoft stuff. GET A WINDOWS MACHINE. period. end of discussion.

HOWEVER, if you arent already indoctrinated into one camp or the other for professional reasons - GET A MAC.  just about every mac ive ever owned, and i'd probably need two hands, a foot and maybe a second foot to count them all - lasted easily 5 years and most remained functional for nearly a decade.

macs are more intuitive, less burdened down with useless promo software, easier to maintain and the whole virus and malware thing is more or less a non issue.

joe-average-computer-user who surfs the web, shares pics and video and plays music will LOVE the mac. and likely (aside from maybe MS's office "home and teacher" edition) wont ever need to buy any other software - EVER!

and on the topic of software. in the windows world there is typically about 10 different software providers for any need - if not 30. and 97% of that software is HORRIBLE.  on the mac side, there might be like 3. one is big time pro, one is the lite version of that app. and the third one is crap. and again, for most consumer users, you wont even need to buy anything that a mac doesnt come with.

and on the macbook vs macbook pro discussion. unless you are in the graphics, video, photography, music [production] or animation biz as a profession (as in you make your living from it) - you absolutely DO NOT need the PRO version of any mac computer.

 I actually am saving up to buy a macbook pro. I'm debating weather or not to wait for the newest macbook pro to come out.....but! I heard that the NEW Macbook Pro might become $200 more expensive (Source: Engadget). So I think I will be purchasing mine VERY SOON!! I have had a Dell for a year and a half now, already had to buy a new hard drive and battery!!!!! DO NOT BUY ANY LAPTOP THAT RUNS WINDOWS XP, VISTA, OR WINDOWS 7!!

Good luck buying! :)

 I have been a sr IT admin for 5+ years.  Joined a company that is all mac based, now I'll never ever go back.  You still have to buy software, although much of it is ported into applications that are already on the mac.  (example, you don't have to buy adobe acrobat b/c you can now print to pdf for free, you don't have to deal with printer drivers b/c mac's 99.9% of the time just figure it out)

All laptops normally have a life of 3 years.  Mac's however are about 5 years.  Make sure to buy the apple care support.  I would give their support an A+ and have used it many times for macs in my company.  Turn around time is normally 2-3 days due to responsiveness and they prepay to and fro with overnight shipping.  My macbook is almost 5 years old and runs like the day I got it.  Unlike windows, MacOS doesn't slow down after 3 months of use b/c of how inefficient the windows registry is.

Pros and Cons:
There will always be some software manufacturer that doesn't write code built for a mac.  In company environments, that's simply circumvented by building a terminal server that runs all the proprietary apps for windows.  Nowadays, parallels rocks (boss has a standard macbook pro that boots a full windows partition [nothing mac about it] inside of mac os in about 10 seconds and shuts down windows in about 3 seconds)  In a way a Mac, while running mac os can also run windows much faster than a 6 month old PC. So technically this isn't a con.  In fact you can also natively boot a mac completely as a windows machine as well in case you never get used to mac os....even though it is a much better OS through and through.  (Upgrade to snow leopard completely made all of our macs run almost twice as fast.)  The only other con I can think of is video games.  Now that Apple owns 10% of the computer industry I'm sure that will change in time.  Otherwise, the pros of a Mac can't be explained in a post.  Put it simply, I'm a windows guru and have had to manage every kind of windows server known to man, and I will NEVER use a windows machine again for business or personal unless I'm forced.

Release Time:
Apple is really good about keeping up with an average product life cycle and the macbook pros and macbook airs are overdue, so I would suspect that they should be coming out with the Core i7 proc's any week now.  Standard Macbooks probably won't come out again until summer.

 I'm on my 2010 macbook now. No need to buy pro just go for a macbook. They last forever and i would never go back to pc. Anything you can buy for pc, you can get an equivalent free from apple.com so there is no need to buy any software,


8 years ago

 I bought a Powerbook G4 before I went to college and it lasted me 5 and a half years (and counting). I'm now waiting on the new releases this year to get a new laptop finally, but my current Powerbook could still keep going, who knows for how long. It's far better hardware than PC laptops, but also for the average user the software will last longer because you're not worrying about viruses and the computer "slowing down" like PCs will with every little item you add to it. Macs last, they don't get slow, and they have great customer service.

One time in 5 years my monitor's bulb died, Apple replaced it immediately free of charge. My keyboard had taken a beating, they gave me all new keys. It's a worthwhile purchase.

The question is, what Mac is right for you? I do a lot of video editing and web design, so I needed the best model I could get. But if price is a major issue and you're not in the film or design business (though you could be), get the MacBook Air. It's cheap, efficient, great for taking to class (it's incredibly light) and taking notes with...Really the perfect college notebook, and they're faster now than the Powerbook I spent 2 grand on a few years ago. You could even buy an Air and an IMac for the price of the better MacBook Pros.

But I'd say wait a little longer if you've gone this long already.

 Macs willl outlive most PC's.
Although yes they are expensive they are really worth it. I have a white plastic macbook and love it to pieces. I will have it for years to come, and no need to upgrade. They are really tough, the unibody ones more so. Don't worry about waiting for the next one to come out. Yeah the bring out new ones now and again but don't worry, if you wait for the next you will find yourself waiting for the one after that.

Get a mac and you will love it. go to a mac store a have a play with one or use a friends. they really are amazing

 HI   I am sorry   please  do not follow the  recommendation to buy now.  Within the next  3 weeks  Apple is going to update the macbook pro.    Wait till March if you have waited this long to buy a Mac.     Yes  great machines  but   really   you will be kicking your self if you see even a moderate upgrade on specs for the macbook and did not wait a few weeks.    It is true that no one ever really knows when  apple releases the updates, but the machine was last updated almost 8 months ago and  it  is due for a release.  It will not be a huge one because  all the focus is to be on the I Pad  but still   have your money go longer by waiting just a bit longer

 Hey all these posts are really good except on thing i would suggest is u might not need a macbook pro unless you can think of a reason you need a macbook pro over a macbook you should get a regular macbook.

I dont have a Macbook Pro, but I do have a Ibook G4, 2006 model. It is still an amazing computer. Compared to my other desktops and hp laptop this little mac is the best thing I have ever bought. I could see it lasting for a while longer and still be fast.

There are some things that you have to get used to, for example no right click. But those are little things.

Bottom Line

Mac's are great computers, and will last. You will be very happy to buy a Macbook Pro. 

I think rcbailey answered pretty well. 
Also though, I BELIEVE that they are coming out with new Macbook Pros in Jan. or Feb.  I have had my eye on the 13" and 15" models for months now myself.  I am waiting until this time to see what models will feature the quad core processors and what the battery life/performance of these will be.  I believe the quad core will only be on high end 15" and 17" models.  While the lower end 15" models will probably remain Intel Dual Core chips, they will no doubt have some kind of minor tweaks and hopefully a matte screen option available.  I think you should wait as long as you can with a mac, as they are always upgrading their products. Also, use the Mac Buyer's Guide (just google it) to see when you should purchase your mac.  As of now, the site says that you should buy only if neccessary for the MBP because they are most likely releasing new models early on in 2010.  Hope I helped some! 

Apple never pre announce products, so it's just guesswork when a new model will be released.

Having said that, they just released new models a little while ago so I think new models would be later in 2010 rather than earlier. Remember what I said, Thats just a guess.

It will "probably" last longer than a Windows laptop. Experience has shown this to be the case. 

It is nicer looking.

You will be less prone to virus/malware issues (this may change in the future)

Battery life is excellent.

Most major apps are available for OS X

iLife apps are great.


Cost. Macs are expensive compared to a similar spec PC laptop. The quality IS there however. Don't let Mac haters tell you otherwise.

Many minor apps are Windows only.

It is more likely to be stolen.

A few websites are still IE only. Safari is good but sometimes I need to use Firefox. Very occasionly I will run IE under Windows to use a particular site. This is very rare.

Be sure to look into Boot Camp or one of the virtualisation apps, so you can run Windows apps on your Mac if you need to. I still have 3 Windows apps that i need to run. I use Virtualbox from Sun (It's free)