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MacOSX: Any suggestions for good and secure IRC client for Tiger/Leopard? Answered

This is a question for the Mac experts out there (Jake, this means you!). Can anyone recommend a good quality, secure IRC client for Macs running Tiger (10.4) and Leopard (10.5)? The obvious Google search gave me four or five options, but I don't have any criteria from which to choose. If there's one that comes with MacOSX, that'd be great, just tell me. Mac Help gave me a big fat goose egg when I asked :-(


Indeed, that is useful information, though it requires an inordinate amount of scrolling and switching to correlate the data (i.e., the OS table is decoupled from the versions and features tables). There's also no direct information on security/insecurity issues. If I had created this as a Question (and I did think about that), I'd probably flag yours as "Best Answer" just for completeness. What I was looking for, I guess, was one of the Mac fanpersons :-) I respect saying, "Well, I use XYZ and I think it's really great, because..."

Just wait for the Mac'masters to arrive, I was fearing a death to arrive to the topic, so injected some hopefully useful information. :)

Thanks (and thanks again, since I didn't say so before).

I don't think M(a)cMaster sells an IRC client :-)

McMaster Carr, is that like a Scottish or Irish young automobile?

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I know Jake uses the latest beta of Adium as his client. I couldn't say it's too secure with being a beta and all, but here's the link anyway:


Ive been using a mix of the latest adium beta, (as 'face linked) which is great if you use msn aim and the rest, but overkill if you just want IRC.

If you just want IRC, then colloquy is the way to go, very simple to set up, a very good GUI front end. And as a long running dedicated program, pretty secure, runs under both tiger and leopard. Ive ran it under each with no problems.

Thank you very much, Jake! Your expertise and analysis is just what I was seeking.

We gonna see you in there now?