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Macquarium anyone? Answered

Has anyone out there built a macquarium from an imac? I have an imac shell, but all the instructions for macquariums I can find are for the old Macintosh. There isn't even an instructable for those, so I'm going to set one up, but if anyone has done this before, I'd love to collaborate on an instructable for them.


I recently bought a working iMac and won't be trying this project until it bites the dust - but great offer.

I've seen friends who have done this to remember their old iMac G3 and they still have the motherboard and stuff from it displayed on the wall :)

Great stuff.


9 years ago

maybe duct tape would work... A suggestion

Get some acrylic, make a box, and fin that in t3h shell of a MAC get like 1/2 inch thickness, and get the right glue/epoxy

I just finished making one over the summer. I agree, it was hard to find a great resource for completing this project. Basically, what I did was separated the "color" top from the clear bottom, leaving in the support structure (the inside clear plastic pieces). The entire top "color" section became the aquarium. You can "slide" the plexiglass in from the front of the computer along the support, with the "monitor" plate off. This is where you will spend the time grinding a little off at a time to get it to fit just right. The key is on the support structure, following the edge where the color and the clear plastic meet, the little 1/2 inch supports need to be removed to make a clear channel to slide the plexiglass on. I did this with a Dremel. With those supports missing, the plexiglass slides right in. Now start using Silicone to fill along the edges. The whole project took 4 tubes of Silicone. Once the bottom was attached, I put plexiglass where the monitor was and then attached the front monitor piece to the colored section, again, more Silicone. The front decorative piece that covers the monitor area (it has the apple logo on top)"hinges" on the bottom. This allows it to come forward to expose the hole I made under the apple logo to get water in, feed the fish, etc. The holes on the back of the monitor (the handle area) needed to be filled. I used a product called WELDER to fill the holes, it dried like a hard plastic unlike Silicone. Cost of project Approx. $80. Hope this helps!

. Many years ago I built one using an original style Mac. Don't remember too many of the details, but I do remember it took a lot of silicone sealant. IMNSHO, it ain't worth the effort for such a small tank.

well, they seem to be pretty profitable on ebay when they pop up there, so if I don't keep it, at least it wont lose money on the project.