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Macs can't get viruses? Answered

I've heard that macs cant get viruses because their coding is different or something.

What would happen if you were to access a virus site on a mac?

Can anyone also explain why exactly people say that macs cant get visures? aside from the fact that most viruses are for windows


yes, like you said it is mostly a permission issue, and that they aren't as popular.

. Macs can and do get viruses. As the good Doctor mentioned, the Mac is a less popular platform and thus a less likely target for malware writers. Cross-platform environments (eg, Java) can allow malware to run under more than one OS.

just like firefox and IE. Since more people use IE, its the most targeted.

Macs are set up differently from windows, and most viruses are written for windows. Thus, Macs have a lower chance of getting a virus.