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Mag release for Shadowninja31's MP5K Answered

Built it, and read a comment of someone complaining about how there was no mag release... I felt like I could make one for shadowninja31, and without his consent, I did... might put up instructions (pretty easy to build) but this time I'll wait for shadowninja31's permission :) 

Yes it isn't quite a "mag release" as it is more along the lines of a "mag removal helper" 

just download the video under the picture bar :)

I don't know how to use youtube, and furthermore, don't have time... 

Link to his MP5K: https://www.instructables.com/id/MP5K/ 


Sure Post! I'll put it in my ible with your name.

Hey its up! https://www.instructables.com/id/Mag-release-for-shadowninja31s-MP5k-The-Instru/

Im gonna put the mag release up on mine. There will be a link to the other parts as well.

I'm actually just putting a link to it with a pic.

Yea I saw, but still I appreciate it!


Reply 7 years ago

saw it*

Sweet! I'll try to get it done before school starts... one week... sigh... if not I'll do it in-between Homework and Soccer practice/games...

Aww... where? Central New York for me :)

Ha, other side of the country... well good luck with school!


7 years ago

thats pretty cool!


no prob!