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Magellan GPS 3000 "Sattellite Navigator" Answered

It's a rare GPS system, and I have one!
Here is some stuff about it!
[http://pdfmenot.com/view/http://magellan.cachefly.net/manuals/gps_3000_en.pdf Manual]
Photo (Instructional Video Box)


Sorry, I forgot to comment that there is a bit of Silicone sealant to hold the receiver in the case so pull gently but with a slight side efect so as to loose the glue. Good luck.

Do you have a manual?? is 12 volts okay to connect direct to the internal terminals and is the socket on the inside for external antenna or is for data out?
thanks for your help Fernando.

Hi everybody:
I have one of these but can't use it because de internal battery is dead. I try everything to open it without success. thank you for your help.


I have got one too but managed to open it just by puling down the bayyery spacers slugs and the whole receiver slides out.