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Maggots in my compost bin? Answered

I recently found maggots in my compost bin. There are thousands. What should i do?


Forgot To Mention: The bin is outside.

Double bag ALL rubbish during hot weather. To keep flies out. Fly spray bin regularly.

Maggots are very difficult to kill. waituntil the turn into flies they are much easier to kill.

When the bin is empty wash it well and keep it clean to minimise smell and tfly attraction.

I forgot to add DO NOT put meat or Fish or similiar food waster in your compost bin! Only vegi stuff. peelings etc.

Hahahaha Of course! Those maggots actually decomposed everything faster than my worms and turning did...

Ew...take it outside immediately. I'm not *trying to be environmentally unfriendly, but I'm going to be. I think bottle flies are absolutely disgusting and filthy creatures, and keeping them happy will bring worse consequences than murdering the beasties. I'd nuke it with a liquid detergent and or insecticide and dispose of the contents in the normal garbage for collection. As for normal procedure, make yourself a screen covering that you can apply to the opening from now on, so that flies can't get in to lay their eggs in the future. do not let this go or your problem will just become much worse...

. Warm 'em up or cool 'em down until they die. They should make great compost themselves. . You will need to seal the compost bin well enough to keep flies out to prevent re-infestation.