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MagicJack notification. ? Answered

I just installed Magic Jack. It works well, but I would like to have the answering machine/voice mail sent to two email addresses. I use AOL as my primary, and AOL won't auto-forward. I can set up a hotmail account, but how can I autoforward the message (with an attached wmv file) to two email accounts (mine and my wife's)? Seems like Magic Jack would have thought of this.



The failing is not with MagicJack, but with AOL. The answer is to use gmail. It will let you relay emails from specific authors to multiple accounts.

Contact MagicJack and ask; they're the ones who know their software best... but I suspect the answer is that they don't provide anything for the purpose and you would need to set up what amounts to a mailing list handler somewhere to redistribute the message to the multiple accounts. Or get an account somewhere that you share with your wife and use only as the voice mailbox.

My solution is to not use their voicemail system at all. I'm continuing to use my traditional answering machine. It works just fine...