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Magnetic or IR dog door Answered

Does anyone know if it is possible to DIY a "smart" pet door? Something like this is what I'm talking about. Basically, I want to let the dog come and go as she pleases whilst keeping the cat inside. Thanks!



9 years ago

Thanks for the advice, all. I am in Australia, where a cat door as pictured from Drs. Foster and Smith costs AU$299 rather than US$99, so butchering one of those is not an option.

The reed switch seems to be a very promising avenue. This site offers a variety of switches (which are cheap as), so any suggestions on which would be the most suitable?

And, lemonie - sorry for the tinyurl, I am not familiar with the standards of this site and I thought that it would be courteous.

Magnet on the dog's collar, reed switch in the door frame. When the dog comes close, the switch flips a relay which actuates a solenoid that pulls a locking bar from the door.

Or a biometric dog nose or paw print reader would work better. RFID tag on collar or implanted in dog. You can't overthink these things too much.

You could buy one of those, hack it apart and rebuild it bigger?
I bought a toaster today, having taken that apart I'm rebuilding in a new form...

(Why did you use the tiny URL in the link?)