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Magnetic reactive writing pad. Answered

I need help figuring out the best way to do the following. And i have been searching and apparently I don't know the proper way to phrase this to find the information on google/instructables.

What I need -  a small surface that is magneticly reactive, to be able to Write with a magnet.
It also needs to be able to be erased, probably also with a magnet. 

I want it to be decently small, and I am sure there is material out there, but i don't know what it is. 

And no I dont want a dry erase board. 

Think of the Magnadoodle, where it would react to what is being drawn with the magnet, but i wnat something that is more like a Slate, and not a series of pockets that have a certain amount of filaments that react to the magnet. 

I am sure there is some kind of material like this out there. I just dont know what to call it, and i need to be able to make it decently small and thin. 

A basic idea, is like an impression pad. If you wrote something on the top sheet, or a couple of sheets of the pad, under the sheets, it would take an impression of it, (assuming it was written with a magnetic pen), you could then see what was written on the sheet originally, on the surface. Also it would need some way to be erasable so it could be used again. 

A concept like carbon paper, but with magnets. 

Please point me in the right direction, I am very hands on, and a long term DIYer, i just need to know what basic material i need to accomplish this. I know it exists, i just don't know what to call it. 


Great work guys, the magnetic field viewer appears to be exactly what I was looking for, I am going to order one tonight, and let everyone know how it goes.

I am going to take a look into it. Thanks, i will let you know if this will suit my purposes.

SCUBA divers commonly use magnetic slate similar to the magnadoodle concept. It's basically a thick opaque fluid in a thin container filled with iron filings. Run a magnet over it and it pulls the filings to the top where they can be seen, to erase it you run a magnet along the back, which pulls all the filings back beneath the fluid. The 'grid' in the magnadoodle isn't really a bunch of separate pockets, it just keeps the filings from settling (such as if you stored it standing on end, you wouldn't want all the filings to settle to the bottom. I'd imagine that you could get a more fine-grained appearance than the magnadoodle by using finer shavings, but I'm not aware of any other materials that could do what you are trying to accomplish...

Try magnetic film.

It is available online, sometimes called magnetic field viewer.