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Magnetics software for designing magnet coils? Answered

Dear Instructables,
I need to design magnetic coils for a mattress that would emit a uniform magnetic field. Does anyone know of a basic program that would plot flux density over the coils? Preferably free!


I think you may have a hard time finding good software for this which is free. Some with which I'm familar are AMPERES, Maxwell (from ANSYS, which may have a free version), and COMSOL. All of them require you have have substantial familiarity with the physics involves, as well as with simulation software.

I am certainly finding that to be the case. I don't understand why it would be so difficult for someone to write such a program? It seems like such a basic needed tool.

Its a basic needed tool alright, and EXTREMELY hard to do, and even harder to fly the code.

It's extremely difficult, as Steve alluded to in your duplicate question. I encourage you to look at the technical information for the software I cited above, and then decide how difficult it would be for you to reproduce it.

You need to model the current flow through material, and how that current is affected not only by resistance (and the change of resistance with temperature), but also by the capacitance and self-inductance of the material configuration.

The magnetic properties (permittivity, coercivity, etc.) of the non-current carrying materials also have to be taken into account.